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Male-personality Warforged



Archivist 5/Landforged Walker 5/Geomancer 7//Wizard 3/Geomancer 3/Incatatrix 10/Loremaster 1


The following character sheet link will contain Bark's current and updated campaign statistics (starting at 10th lvl): http://www.rpgwebprofiler.net/view.php?id=46237

The following character sheet link will contain Bark's current and updated campagin wildshape statistics in his most likely wildshape form: http://www.rpgwebprofiler.net/view.php?id=46238


LevelClass 1Class 2BABFortRefWillSpecial
1Archivist 1Wizard 1+0+20+2Adamantine Body, Fell Drain, Skill Focus (Knowledge (Nature)), Pathetic (-2 STR), Dark Knowledge (tactics) 3/day, Scribe Scroll, Loner (No Familiar)
2Archivist 2Wizard 2+0+30+3Lore Mastery
3Archivist 3Wizard 3+1+3+1+3Iron Will, Dark Knowledge 4/day
4Archivist 4Geomancer 1+1+4+1+4Still Mind, Drift 1, Spell Versatility 0, +1 Intelligence
5Archivist 5Geomancer 2+2+4+1+4Dark Knowledge (puissance), Drift 1, Ley Lines +1, Spell Versatility 1
6Landforged Walker 1Geomancer 3+3+5+2+5Leadership, Body of Nature (Hide +4, Divine Focus), Drift 2, Spell Versatility 2
7Landforged Walker 2Incantatrix 1+4+5+2+5Body of Nature (Resistance 5, Natural Armor +1), Green Mind, Extend Spell, Focused Study (Ban Enchantment)
8Landforged Walker 3Incantatrix 2+5+6+2+6Body of Nature (Healing Herbs), Speak with Plants, Cooperative Metamagic, +1 Intelligence
9Landforged Walker 4Incantatrix 3+6/+1+6+3+6Least Dragonmark (Dimension Leap 1/day), Body of Nature (Resistance 10, Natural Armor +2), Metamagic Effect
10Landforged Walker 5Incantatrix 4+7/+2+7+3+7Body of Nature (Immune to Polymorph, Fortification 50%), Plant Shape, Voice of Nature, Empower Spell
11Geomancer 4Incantatrix 5+8/+3+7+3+7Drift 2, Spell Versatility 3, Metamagic Spell Trigger
12Geomancer 5Incantatrix 6+9/+4+8+4+8Natural Spell, Drift 3, Spell Versatility 4, Seize Concentration, +1 Intelligence
13Geomancer 6Incantatrix 7+10/+5+8+4+8Drift 3, Ley Lines +2, Spell Versatility 5, Persistent Spell, Instant Metamagic 1/day
14Geomancer 7Incantatrix 8+11/+6/+1+9+4+9Drift 4, Spell Versatility 6, Snatch Spell
15Geomancer 8Incantatrix 9+12/+7/+2+9+5+9Mark of the Dauntless, Drift 4, Spell Versatility 7, Instant Metamagic 2/day
16Geomancer 9Incantatrix 10+13/+8/+3+10+5+10Drift 5, Spell Versatility 8, Twin Spell, Improved Metamagic, +1 Intelligence
17Geomancer 10Loremaster 1+14/+9/+4+10+5+10Drift 5, Ley Lines +3, Spell Versatility 9, Secret (Bonus Feat - ???)

Bark's Class Features

Bark's Plant Wildshape Options

Bark's Spell's Known

Bark's Typical Spells Prepared Each Day


Bark's Followers


Bark's CURRENT Prepared Spells



6 + 4d6 + 5d8 + 10d6 + CON

Current (Lv. 11) HP: 120






(4 + 4)x4 + 7x(4+4) + 8x(4+5) + 2x(4+6) = 180 (assuming no inherent +INT items)


@ 10th lvl

Craft (Jewelsmithing) 4 (can repair self with craft checks)

Concentration 13

Decipher Script 5

Knowledge (Arcana) 10

Knowledge (Geography) 5

Knowledge (Nature) 10

Knowledge (The Planes) 10

Spellcraft 13

Survival 8



Common, Celestial, Gnomish, Sylvan, Elven



Headband of Intellect +2 = 4000 gp

Purchased Scrolls and Scroll Pricing Table

175 gp


[[Bark's Familiar (Usually kept hidden on his person so Bark can gain the familiar's benefits):

Slinky the Weasel

Has +2 natural armor, 7 INT, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells, and grants Bark Alertness and +2 reflex saves.]] - Got rid of it with Loner. Saving the information in case someone else does the leadership thing.



17th level wizard spells/casting

16th level divine spells/casting

17th level plant wildshape

Many nice abilities

Very item independent - only requires lots of scrolls and +INT items.


Note Note that I gave Bark a dragonmark (per house rules) at lvl 12. This is for two reasons: Storywise, it will provide him with a link to who his soul was back in its original life. Gameplay wise, it opens up Mark of the Dauntless, which makes Celerity lots of fun. :)


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