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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 4 months ago

I'm starting the team together. This is where we're going to figure out why that is. we're talking about the characters relationships to each other specifically. friend, foe, rented spellbook, parole officer.. you make the call.

The one thing I ask is folks stay flexible. we all may need to tweak what we're doing to have a sensible team with a sensible background living in a sensible world-- regardless of how fantastic each may be.


Timeline - to try and sort this out


DavidWL - Proposals as to how I know the others (assuming they agree).


  • NoldorForce's build - I can know him from my days in the mage guild. We started out as professional acquaintances, and over the years became long term business partners, as I went to him for use of his in-depth knowledge, and he came to me both for the occasionally magic, but more often, for leverage with the mage's guild.


  • Dhraksis - ???


  • Surreal - Sul - perhaps we met in between possesions, when Sul was on the ethereal plane? While in the depths of despair, we talked about the dark world around us. While I was stuck in a dark cave meditating about other planes, and while you were in between murders, we would chat and have a bizarre friendship?


  • ZarZak - I don't see how we'd know each other. Perhaps I know some of the others, and through them ZarZak's Planar Shepherd and my Sha'ir Theurge meet.


ZarZak - At the moment my guy is a quiet guy ... but he is NG which means he shouldn't have problems relating to others. I plan on him not having much to say, but what he does say should be somewhat profound/interesting. Definitely not a party face type. Chalk it up to the reclusive nature of druids. :p


Surreal -


Why have we banded together as a group? Well what's our reason for adventuring? What does each person hope to gain? In other words, what's my motivation? /emo-actor-snob


ZarZak -

I have some planar motivations - I basically want to go to Hell and kill demons. Its a bit more complicated but thats the simple version. So I can probably work that around a lot of other people's motivations. :)


ZarZak -

DavidWL, we could very easily be in the same city at the moment, and meet up and travel together as a matter of conveniance. Especially if we follow Surreal's idea - if you're friends with his character, and my character can help with the going to hell bit ... :)


^^ Surreal - hmm, considering I'm a ghost, maybe I think my soul is in Hell and I want to retrieve it. Or maybe I want some demonflesh to build myself a body.

Noldor -


  • DavidWL - The "mage guild" thing is out, unless you want to be from Serran. It's probable, however, that our characters were planar acquaintances.
  • Dhraksis - ?
  • Surreal - I could either have met you as a fellow changeling, or just an individual notable in the akashic memory.
  • ZarZak - Probably another planar acquaintance from travel with J'pyen.


fil here

most of our characters have direct or indirect interaction with the spirit world. I recommend folks take that into consideration... a lot of options are opened up with the easily accessible nature of the multiverse... especially for any planar shepards, shadowdancers, or ghosts in the crowd.

Surreal here -


  • DavidWL - I don't know that we would have "chatted" on the ethereal plane, as my story currently has me as "crazy" during those dark times. Perhaps you detected a foreign spirit unlike the others (as I've suggested to Fil that the ghostwalker stuff be the norm, whereas I am an oddity), which was also deeply troubled and confused. However, due to the instability of my mind and the foreign nature of my being, you were unable to help directly. You were however able to recognize portions of my essense that were still rational and culled them together into a more cohesive whole (thus the manifestation of my dark companion), in the hopes that it would be enough to start the seed of healing within myself. After a while the dark companion does indeed help me heal, and in a strange twist of magic seems to take on a sort of consciouness of its own. While formed from fragments of my own consciousness, it is intrinsically connected back to you. As such, whether I realize it or not, my travels have caused me to seek you out. Heh, how's that for hacking together storylines?


  • Noldor and Zarzak - I don't see any connections between us just yet... I'll sleep on it and see if I can come up with anything.


Random (somewhat amusing) thought - so we have a means by which myself, DavidWL, and Noldor are affiliated; perhaps we met you when you fell out of the sky (literally). You are the plane-hopping type after all. Spell gone wrong or perhaps you were being chased, whatever, but coincidentally you're from wherever it is the rest of us want to go (need to figure that part out yet). Fate is strange, and coincidences don't just happen *cue dramatic music*

DavidWL -


Yes, I like your proposal Surreal! Consider it official. Also, you do build a very nice character story. I'm going to both adapt your style, and try to make mine more interesting.


Nolder, ok, mage's guild is out. However, I'm wanting us to be some sort of professional relationship - what is it that you do? Perhaps I had hired your services at some point?

ZarZak -

  • Nolder - We can easily have met while you were searching the planes for Eberron. Failing that, my home plane can easily be Eberron, and we could have recently met on your search for Changelings. Perhaps Celestien is searching for a changeling who knows some important information about the Nine Hells.
  • Surreal - I like your idea before of your chharacter's soul being in hell and you wanting to retrieve it, or wanting a demonflesh body or some such. Failing that, your character is connected to the cabinet of faces, who are connected to changelings. Celestine might be able to relate to that from knowing Noldor's character.
  • DavidWL - I can't think of how our character would know eachother ... probably meet through other characters.

Dhraksis - ???



fil here:

as mentioned on history page, I'd recommend focusing on what and how the campaign looks before setting limits on what can and can't be set up.


fil here 1-18

looks like the characters, setting and histories are looking pretty good. again, I plan on starting everyone as knowing each other to start. I'd like folks to decide how that is, but if not, I'll have to just go in and muck up stuff myself.


I would also like to think there may be some sort of goal y'all may be striving to acheive. Other than vic, y'all have firm roots in eberron, so I'd recommend considerng how yer character views the world around, pick some sides, and look to see what some commonality may be.


I'm playing with folks' background and building the other side of faction, but it won't be set until I understand your relavent stances and relationships. I'd like to know what level and how long each of you have made acquaintence.


This should be relatively easy. you may have to swap out a few sentences with your most recent history.


what I've seen:

-- tanner has a history dealing with spirits and oddities... as suggested, he and sul may have earlier level relations quite some time ago. This would have been during Last War, so you may want to take that into consideration.

-- celestine would likely have ties to the gatekeepers, and considering his heritage, I can see dhraksis having bumped into him on more than one occasion, as well as tanner.

-- dhraksis may have a start in the shadowlands, or breland or zilgardo.. but we need to see his history a bit more to figure him out... I know a conversation with him ahas indicated he sees natural alignment with celestine. shadowwalk is a once per day trip either to or from the spirit world, whihc was recently acquired, but whatever. he can have ties to all of you in the beyond.

-- sul may have been around since before the last war. as a dead guy, he's got lots of flexibility. vic could be very recent comparatively.... I think vic would be a natural for new cyre in breland. again, having met tanner some time ago very plausible, relatios between dhraksis ad sul's shadow is a natural paralel... we;ll ned to see more of dhraksis' history for that.

-- Vintereth correct me if I'm wrong, but an akashic can access divine magic, yes? that would allow for spirit sight while active, and therefore potential access to the beyond. I imagine you just drifted from where you were to eberron via the beyond. lotta potential extraplanar relations... a natural link to tanner, celestine, dhraksis or sul.... very open gate here.


As for inclinations, a conflict with the demon wastes and khyber through the eldeen reach appears to be celestine's natural path.

tanner is historically more comfortable dealing with extraplanar entiities than people,

dhraksis is tightly tied to shadow,


sul is more characteristically tied to urban strife

Vintereth is a wild card... but if I tie akashic crystal to dragonshards, she'll be interested in the shadow marches and valenar (elves long lives lend them to the akasha, methinks)


eberron is as it is in the book, with the added love of the akashic being present, and the spirit wourld a very vibrant, populated realm of its own conflicts and intrigue... so get into it and attach yer characters to the setting.

I will be using national tension as ell as economic intrigue via the dragonmarked houses against local politics. interdimensional conflicts via the mournlands, demon wastes, and outer planes... so its a real fun grabbag of "who'd fucking with us now?" I'd rocommend choosig some sides so you at least know who your frieds are. otherwise, I'll probably put you under some patron or something.... but none of your characters are very mercenary like... so that doesn't work well.

throw me a bone folks!


^^Surreal - fixed some typos above; I think you were mixing up Vic with Vin

Surreal - How about this for a unifying theme: All of us in some way want to stop the atrocities that are being committed against the spirit world, namely the desecration of the dead spirits that prevent them from peacefully resting after they die (the creation of undead armies, shoving spirits into Warforged, etc). Almost all of us in some way are connected to the spirit world, so perhaps we share a common philosophy/ideology that such things should be left to their natural order, and that anything that interferes with it will only unbalance the cosmos, blah blah blah. This appeals to Tanner's scholarly outlook, Celestine's druidic side, and me being dead I can't help but fear what fate awaits me.

Noldor -


fil - The akashic crystal connection to dragonshards thing sounds interesting. Perhaps daelren and tylonian crystal (both are in Transcendence and imply the use of the akasha) are made using dragonshards...Eberron and Khyber respectively. (Daelren forms naturally on the ground, tylonian crystal was found originally in a mine.) None of the akashic's abilities are divine, but that's a result of Arcana Evolved entirely throwing out the distinctions between arcane and divine magic (as well as psionics). Thus, you could flavor it either way, or leave it as is. After all, the artificer is treated as neither arcane nor divine.


In terms of goals and a theme, Vintereth is very much a wanderer and an explorer, not being native to Eberron. Thus, while she may not have had a quest of her own at the time she met the rest of the party, she'd probably picked up a job as an incentive to find new information on her changeling heritage. Plus, there's the above thing of tying the akashic memory (that is, the akasha) to dragonshards - Vintereth would wish to find such things to maintain the balance of the memories of all. After all, there are certain spells and abilities that can warp or even rend the akasha. Most memory-modifying stuff comes to find.


As befits the other side of her family tree (disillusioned atheistic drow), she'll be wanting to interfere with the active machinations of deities and other massive cosmic forces. Eberron's deities don't fit that bill, but the other stuff you'd mentioned (interdimensional forces) work well.


Surreal - I assume that you refer to Celestine? Vintereth doesn't have a druidic side. Still, meddling with the spirit world can change the akasha as well, so perhaps that's her hook.

^^Surreal whoops, yeah that was a typo. Fixed now.


For reference, akasha originally derived from Sanskrit, meaning (roughly) aether. It is apparently one of the Pancha Mahabhuta or "five great elements" in Hinduism; the other four are the somewhat obvious fire, earth, water, and air (with corresponding names in Sanskrit). More recently, the concept of the akashic records arose in 19th- and 20th-century mysticism, and is supposed to work in a manner similar to the AE mechanics of the class as a library of collective experience.


I only have the eberronm core setting book. deeper info from xendrik, faiths of eberron, magicof, races of etc... I don't have but a smattering of that info, and if used, folks should provide me references. So we are keeping it fairly light in detail, and I'll fake the rest.

If you aren't too familiar with the campaign, don't worry too much about it. I became familiar after a few hours of reading organizations and nations of the campaign... but I'll be focusig most activity in breland for now, and the spirit world which is all homebrew, as well as the stormwright guil and some made up factio/cults. I can provide a dissertation before game start to catch folks up to the rlavent info.


As far as Noldor's build is concerned, as long as you have the chameleon divine focus active, you have spirit sight. Akashic isn't resonating as divine energy. (as suggested, like artificer)


If everyone agrees about concern for the spirit world, there are a few different routes to follow. the team can be workin with the gatekeepers... to prevent dimensional thrats from ruining the world (heavily understaffed.. hiring NOW!)

the team can be working with the eldeen druids involving specific threats to the environment or certain regions. (also needing volunteers)

there is also the sacred flame church which is very active in combatting spiritual ignorance, and evil spirits on all planes in general.. fanatic, heavily armed christian crusaders fighing against a tangible evil force.

there is also personal concern for the environment.

We'l be working near sharn.. city of towers. between the warforged birthplace, general disregard for the afterlife, and the karrnath undead machine.... I got months worth of material ready to go.


I just need some concensus, and we're off.


  • I'm going to read up on Eberron and update my Faction/history this Friday/Saturday. I'll thrown in some consensus then. However, let me say now that I like how things are developing from a setting point of view.
  • I think it would be nice if everyone had reasonably complete 10th level stats before saying "we're off" ... I think it would be nice to have a chance to compare everyone and make sure each character is semi-balanced, survivable, etc.
  • Also, after everyone has said they've finalized thier build, it would be nice if any lingering questions were passed by you for an official "ok". I know I haven't gotten to the point where I'd want to ask you, but there are a few things I want an offical stamp of approval on. I made the build assuming it would be ok with you, but I'd feel more comfortable with an explicit "ok". I'll add this to my build this Friday/Sturday as well.

- Best, David


I agree with David - I think the campaign is looking very promising settings wise.

Maybe if we made a page where we could each put a brief summary of our characters abilities and stats @ 10th lvl for easy comparison would be nice (as opposed to going through lots and lots of pages to find the info)

I will say again, you guys were right. Eberron kicks ass.

New folks: feel welcome to post here. Have fun.

everyone else: I want ot see faction and history modification that will tie the group much closer together. we're talking about using wishes and making items for each other. that is respected, appreciated, and desired. build a team of folks that warrant such comraderie. The new recruit is required to do so as a criteria for entry, and I won't start until we have a sensible consensus on history. I need this team starti out the gate confident with each other story wise.

SO I'm going to let each other make up stuff about each other mid posts... kinda like, "who's line is it anyways" improv. Sul may end up with a drooling lower lip if zarzak or david decide to be an ass... but really, don't piss each other off. I just want folks to have cretive license with each other so posting isn't stiff. small details, assumptive responses,... feel a bit like yer character is only MOSTLY yours. let us fill in the small human bits, and we'll all try to be consistent. Yer gonna love it.


Yes, sorry for the tardiness - I had planned to do it last weekend, but then we started comparing build power levels and that took me on the tangent (which finally led to a completed spell list).


Also, I think it would be nice if *some* of us were tight knit, but not all. I'd rather start being friends/allies with some, and perhaps even a little suspicious of others. A "real" and varied set of interpersonal relationships is my slight preference..


as usual, I'm willing to compromise, so as long as you guys can figure out at least 2 others to be woven into, we'll call it good enough, and let the game take care of the rest. Yeah, perfect friends for all isn't the best. Th new recruit will make things a bit hectic, so hold on tight.

ZarZak - Fil, for making stuff up do you mean in our history sections or in acutal game posting? Either way, sounds fun. :)


As it looks like its time to really get down to intercharacter relationships, lets all really try to develop this further. Nolder and Surreal, your characters are the ones I can see Celestine being obviously connected to. DavidWL, your character and Celestine might be the ... less friendly ones. ;) I"ll try to get some possible relationship ideas down in the next day or two.


fil here again..

yeah, zarzak.... both. I think we ned to all be a bit compromising with our backgrounds to maek them mesh well... good friends or not. and once your meetin oint is established, I say history is open game. You can all make up shit about each other in the past... and your characters can argue about it. I'll take what I like and make real or bs as I pleae, and hold it againt you all!

Here's a good example:

Hey, Celestine, remember that time you hit on that chick that turned out to really be a guy? You were so drunk, you couldn't even put your pants back on!

So, we may want to also have a quick list of "taboo" statements to consider, like,

i don't drink

I am celibate

I would ever steal from someone

I respect the old

family is important o me.


feedback welcome.


Cool beans ZarZak. Note that I'm not wanting anything too intense ... a distaste based on personality, a prejudice (perhaps based on nationality?), etc.

ZarZak - Thats cool David. They seem to be very different characters (yours is a lot more dark). So personality works; nationality also works well too if you want to go that route (last war and all).



  • DavidWL - as discussed on your page
  • ZarZak - regarding Sul and Celestine, we discussed earlier that perhaps we think my soul might be in hell (don't know if that's true, but it might explain why I'm a ghost), and since you're on your own personal crusade to combat hell anyways, we'd make likely allies. Or perhaps you can sense that something has disrupted the natural order of my spirit, which is why I am restless. As a druid, you want to help restore that balance. This could tie into the above as well. Anyhow, that might explain why we're traveling together, though it doesn't quite give a "how we met" story
  • Noldor - no ideas here yet




this just came up in lonewolf's faction page....



Cosidering the xen'drik campaign, I could see a tie in with vitereth. especially if she started off arriving back at xen'drik, and hooked up with you during your rescue operation. You two could actually be pretty buddy buddy if you want.

vin finds that the info she wants may be held by the valenar elven community on khorvaire, and hikes back with val for company?


vin happened across either tanner, celstine or sul on her way through the beyond to xen'drik-- so there is a possibility of a link there as well.


val is an elf... what if he ran across sul when he was really young 40 years ago....

oh man! sul was a hexblde assiged to val's troop in cyre against the blood of vol. this was pretty early in val's carreer.. and true to his lineage, you were all slaughtered. Val managed to survive, and got all pissed about the blood of vol, and hence, vendetta.


sul's death really lies in a necromantic bomb shell hitting you all. Oh, man! Let that stick! Val never let go of the memroy of his dead troops, haunts him, hehe, as it were. For whenver the team hooks up with sul, val is gonna feel compelled to help sul out of guilty leadership. Although at this poit, sul would feel equal to val, respect would be intact.


If all you guys are good with this, Lonewolf is in right now-- just figure out the details as to how val and vin would want ot be in touch with sul, celestine/tanner. How you guys got tied together now.


oh hey, surreal.... wouldn't it be logical that if sul wa a soldier killed in battle, his suicide years of depression could actually have been various cyre soldiers in trenches, being pushed over the edge by sul's influence? slitting thier own throats in the depths of night? crazy stories of a phantom staker that would just waltz into a bunker and kill someone and leave to fuck morale. Karnath actually took a lot of territory durig that time... until the day of mourning came.


If you guys can play ball with this stuff, we have some serious psychological hooks hanging around to be enjoyed.



Okay... still thinking on this. the mournlands are still a big problem area. it's just shy of coexistin with pandemonium. breland, thrane, karrnath, darguun and valenar are all very interested in the mournlands. the living spells, the horribly scarred spirit world, the abberations that seem to just "pop up" in there... these are serious threats and serious research and serious prizes to be dealt with.. toss in the warforged free nation that is somehow thriving there, and you've got one hotbed of conflict.

--the gatekeepers are mostly concerned because this is very similar to what is recorded as when the daelkyr invaded. the close proximity over such a large area to pandemonium is like a door that hasn't latched for the daelkyr to nudge open again. --the forces of hell in the demon wastes are absolutely going crazy wit seemingly pointless attacks across the eldeen reaches, which would appear to be a distraction from focusing on the mournlands.

--the silver flame is investing a LOT of energy in policing the spirit side of what was cyre.

--the darguun prime side are trying to capture whatever comes along for their own army and research,

--karrnath want to study and exploit all it can as well... the blood of vol coming to fight the silver flame head on more than occasionally.

--the valenar with their long lives and tendencies towards the akasha are as aware of the similarities as the gatekeepers are. they are taking very similar stances..... wait.




the eldeen druids and valenar sages assigned vin and celestine to a colaborative research team to assist in deciphering the mournlands.

val tagged with vin,

sul tagged with cel,

tanner just happened into the mess upon returning from the father reaches-- recognized both sul and celestine. The mournlands is a conundrum that the daelkyr from the far reaches could use to pull in through the beyond. Tanner woudln't pass this up for anything.


Now, this is potentially going to lead us all over the cosmos, sice no one understands the relationship, and so many factios are interested in the region. We now have a stage set with a continuous backstory that will lead us FAR into epic levels-- potentially dealing with a second daelkyr invasion eventually.



Team, assuming there are no vetoes, we have ourselves a game.


Surreal - Sure, I can always retcon a little soldier action into Sul's history. I had originally planned on him being just a simple urban thief/merchant/fence, but perhaps a quick mercenary job as a lowly scout would offer him enough money to buy him and his family a new life. Kaboom, Sul dies, haunts the soldiers for a while, drifts back home and haunts some more (a couple decades), regain sanity, yadda yadda. This way nothing in my current history changes; just tack on the soldier bit. Hmm, maybe he was drafted into the army?


^^I was thinking draft. The detective could be military as well, a silver flame exploring possible supernatural possessions. this would tie in with zarzak's great idea of the silver exorcist. that would require a bit of retro change to negative influence being put on silver flame instead... which I think would be fantastic! but it's still more editig on your part.

so the companion pulls you away rom the suicides, I'm thinkin to try to pull you from depression into a proactive stance... you bump into tanner after he ditches the wizards' college out on his own exploring. He takes a natural interest in the peculiarity of your unnatural undead status and the separated psyche companion.

HA! demons come along to scoop up sul. celestine and tanner fight them off. celestine pursues demons, and tanner sticks with the confused sul, heads back to a town taner knows to work with sul for a while, sul stabilizes, and hooks up with vic and tanner takes off for the far reaches.

celestine would need to be about 10 or so years older to make the timelines work, but if you guys are good with that, then everyone is getting tied together very nicely.

vintereth encounters tanner on his way through the beyond towards the far reaches as she heads towards xin'drik. she spends a good 10 years there researching while tanner is off, sul is wit vic, celestine is fighting, and val is putting his life back together.

we all meet up again a few months back @ leve 9/10 for the mourningland research team, and voila! I insert you into your curent investigaion.


of course, everyone is going to have to tweak their faction, timing, and backgrounds a bit to make that work, but we were all going to have to do that anyway to make ANYTHING work. If anyone's got anything better, I'm open.

ZarZak - I'm worried about making Celestine too much older b/c then he would have been probably drafted for the last war. I'll think ...


^^fil here.

the druids didn't have anything to do with the war. they are continuously fighting a spiritual war. You likely were't around.


if there are serious plot issues that folks have that prevent this from working, go ahead and voice them. if it's a small matter of circumstances, then rework it or have a reason.


here's good TECHNICAL reasons:

"Fil, this idea would ruin my ability to have PrC-x"


"Fil this idea doesn't work for the race I am."


These things are mostly flavor text, and are small issues,

I wasn't alive yet

I didn't live there

I didn't know that guy yet

My character has never been to such and such


we have to be willing to be flexible to work together. You all did a great job putting something on the grill, but I'm really cooking right now.


so, voice any issues as either major, or minor-- and I'll help resolve them all.


yays or nays


  • I'm ok with most of it and don't see any problems that a little retcon won't take care of. I might need to change a few details, but I won't get a chance until later

Zarzak-- This all sounds good to me - David's modifications are also fine. :)

Noldorforce-- Sounds good to me - I can simply append stuff at the end to work this in.

David-- Yea (with 2 minor modifications):

  • 1) Instead of "Tanner just happened into the mess", let's say that when I came out of reclusion, word spread and Celestine contacted me. Perhaps we didn't end up on the best of terms, but we worked very well together, and he knows that I would be both of aid and interested. He knows I'm doing him a favor by joining, but he's also doing me a favor by letting me know. (Assuming ZarZak is ok with it).
  • 2) To make the Chronology work with Celestine, let's have me meet Sul, go to the Deep to "help my elder", and on the way back encounter the soul stealing demons and Celestine.

Lonewolf-- I´d also like a minor modification:

  • Im not really sure if the Valenar elves are the ones most interested in solving the Day of the Mourning-mystery, but Valeas could have some connection to the Cyran survivors and maybe Oargev ir´Wynarn in New Cyre(see ECS page 148). He would definately be interested in solving the mystery and Valeas could honor his old oath of allegiance to the rulers of Cyre.


^fil here 1-29

That is fine to stick with the allegiance.

keep in mind:

--If they are important enough to nmention in the book, they are too imprtant for us to really interact with. Your allegiance will be handled through dignitaries and whoevers, and works perfectly for staying on the breland side of he mess. Huzzah!

--Elves utilize the akasha, as per vintereth. The valenar elves NORMALLY wouldn't be too concerned in a typical eberron campaign, ut this certaily isn't. A sizable amount of information tied to that location has been scrambled, disorted, or flat out erased from the day of mourning. This would be like clerics losing access to cure light wounds with no explanation. They are gona be at least curious as to why. This is a major anchor for Vintereth. You guys won't likely spend a lot of time in valenar for quite a while, but character history has you guys there long enough for vin to know she needs to get on this. At which point val can readily say, "I know this guy in Breland running New Cyre. That's a good place for us to start." and off you go getting tied to sul, tanner, and celestine.



fil here.. thanks for your flexibility on this. david, of course. whatever is going to make it work.

so we're clear, the curent overall focus is based around what up with the mournlands, but you may not need to really spend much time there at all. I'm going to give you guys a LOT of rope to play with. this is one of those "nonlinear" games that don't necesarily have to have things done in a particular order. There are so many hands in this mess that you can start anywhere and just connect the dots long enough to see the grid.


DavidWL - That's good Fil.

I like "a lot of rope to play with". One of my pet peeves is that adventures often seem a little too preset. At the level our characters are at, we *should* help give direction, saying, "we want to do this", spend time gathering information, reading, networking, divining, and then go and do things based on the information we find (aka, you feed us). And, if we don't know what is next, that makes perfect fodder for in-game discussion. The one caveat being, of course, that we need to continue to have a reason to travel together. (Right now, Val is tied to Vin, Tanner and Vin are tied to Sul, Sul is tied to Celestine).


Val <-> Vin (Loose Tie)

  • they adventured to gether in xen'drik (loose tie ... but if one saved the other's life, and there was some sort of "blood debt" it would become a strong tie)

Val <-> Sul (Loose Tie)

  • Val was Sul's captain. (If Val had a reason to help Sul, then it would be a strong tie ... perhaps it is as simple as Sul asked him to?)

Tanner <-> Sul (Strong Tie)

  • Because of Tanner's guilt over what happened with Sul, he'll stick with him until he helps Sul reach some sort of healing/resolution

Sul <-> Celestine (Strong Tie)

  • Because Celestine could help Sul, Sul will stick with him until he heals

So, we'll stick together until we're done with the mournlands thing, and until Sul is "healed". By that time we'll probably be fast friends, be enmeshed in many things as a whole group, and need no excuse to stay together. Additionally, a number of us know each other (but not in such a way that it would keep us together without an external reason).

Tanner Summary:

  • Tanner <-> Celestine (fought Demons)
  • Tanner <-> Vin (met in passing in the far reaches)
  • Tanner <-> Sul (guilt over ghostly separation)
  • Tanner Val ;; (Note: I like that I don't know everyone in the party. Makes it more "real life". I'd even be ok with not knowing Vin ... although meeting in passing is sort of a comprimise there).





^^fil here

Since sul is the only one with a real problem with existing, someone may naturally ask, "what happens if sul resolves his troubles?".. he remains as he is. He may eventually retire when his soul is at peace, or he may instead finally feel free to pursue his true destiny.


^^Surreal I left a lot of dangling character hooks in my history to keep things going.

  • my existance as a ghost may be due to some higher calling that no one is aware of
  • there is the unresolved matter of his family and whatever happened with him
  • I was sort of planning the continued psycholigical split with his dark companion, with Sul become more "chaotic good" and the companion more "lawful evil" over time. This would manifest most strongly around level 15 where I was planning on taking the leadership feat and having the shadow companion come into his own. Perhaps there will be resolution when they learn to merge together, or perhaps there is no cure and they will permanently become separate entities, or maybe the split was also predestined somewhere
  • my soul *might* be in hell, or maybe my ghost form is my actual soul, or who knows
  • I think somewhere I wrote in my history that I could constantly hear faint screams of agony from tormented souls (perhaps related to the Mournland?). This is an easy plot-device to lull me to a destiny more important than myself
  • we'll figure something out, short of someone "killing" me


ZarZak here - I thought I'd summarize what we have so far in terms of getting started and character relationships and such.


Companion pulls Sul away from suicides. Bump into Tanner after he leaves the Wizards’ College. Demons come along and scoop up Sul. Tanner fights them off, and on his way back encounters the soul stealing demons and Celestine, who is currently fighting/pursuing them.


Vintereth encounters Tanner on his way through the beyond to the far reaches while she heads towards Xen’drik. She spends 10 years there researching while Tanner is off, Sul is with Vic, Celesting is fighting, and Val is putting his life back together.


Then, the Eldeen Druids and Valenar Sages assigned Vin and Celestine to a collaborative research team to assist in deciphering the mournlands. Val tagged along with Vin, Sul tagged along with Celestine. Tanner was contacted by Celestine to come and help as well. The Mournlands is a conundrum that the Daelkyr from the far reaches could use to pull in through the beyond. Tanner wouldn’t pass this up.


So, to make the David's suggestion work (and my prefered age of Celestine, though if he has to be older he has to be older), Celestine caught up/began fighting with the soul stealing demons ten years or so after the fact, and came into contact that way, learning about Sul through Tanner. Of course Celestine then went to Sul, told him about how he was hunting the demons and such, and the two became close that way (I'm sure Sul would appreciate Celestine's efforts in proactively getting his soul back, even if thats not Celestine's prime motive - of course only if this is ok with you, Surreal).

fil here

ah! okay. so tanner originally ran acros sul during a demon soul stealing raid. got sul loose, helped im out, got companion to stabilie sul after some time and off he went, bumping into vin. ten years later, celestine is now fighting demons constantly, and tanner happens across them on his way back... nothing ever changes, eh? helps celestine a bit, brings up sul, kicks around with celestine for a bit, then split ways. celestine follows up with sul from tanner reference, sticks around with each other since. \

Mournland project gets ralied, and everyone gets pulled together. Did I read that right? age is fine. just need david, surreal, and noldorforce confirmation.

^^DavidWL - I like what has been writen in the timeline. I agree with what you wrote above as well, although I don't imagine the soul stealing demons were doing much with Sul (Although I'll leave that up to Surreal). I imagined them taking from easier prey.

Noldor - Sounds fine. I will have to retcon slightly, but all that requires is changing Vintereth's age around as insurance against eventually incurring age penalties. (Though such may not matter after PAO.) It also gives me more possibility to write up hooks on which she'd made investigations.


I'm ok with whatever, but I need to see things in a more tabular form, so go here: Timeline and we'll work on it there.

ZarZak - Nolder, do you think Celestine would have met Vintereth sometime through this changeling girlfriend? It would have to be relatively recently, within the past year or two. Would that work out or is Vintereth still off in Xen'drik somewhere?

Noldor - Vintereth is in all sorts of places at those times, sometimes in the universities, while off adventuring/researching at other times. She'd probably encountered Celestine during a situation of the former variety. As a result of this, he probably knew her originally as Vintereth Jasper-el (male human) and not as Vintereth Tolmaki (female changeling with drow heritage).

ZarZak - That sounds good. Celestine was at a the university of Aundair doing research for a bit ... it'll be interesting to see what happens when he meets Vintereth Tolmaki, and not Vintereth Jasper-el ... will he realize? The suspense. :)

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