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Celestine: warlock planar shepard of celestia

Gwynaedh: Silver Flame Pyromancer

Nolan d'Orien: Swiftblade Courier with Attitude

Hieractus: Offworld Artificer on a mission

Orvelius: 1/2 fey Karrnathi Bone Ki

Rass: Shifting spirit shaman with his eyes on the moons

Sul: ghost warshaper master of unseen hand



The Turquoise Sonia and Crew combat stats


The Residents at Celestine's Grove combat stats



--Amart-- head butler to ir'wynarn of new cyre keep


--Aurok-- (ex PC) unstoppable juggernaut of Droaam

--Baroness Elea Kimble-- cyre military captain now sworn directly to the prince

--Baron Krommel-- Former Cyran General now sworn to Prince Ir'wynarn

explains MEP support

--Billi-- Khoranberg Chronicle delivery boy @ Polished Rain

--Broughm Ortega-- Sharn Venture Investor

--Coldsnow--Lycanthrope resident of the Grove (Coldsnow)

--Count Arquool Ir'Rolschtunjh-- Defense Commissioner of New Cyre

intro'ed, toast, younger days, sorbet, coffee

--Count Bruuam Ir'Ghalan -- Lieutenant of the Knights of Thrane

intro'ed, Cyre  infernals?, Sharn missionaries

--Count Haleaq ir'Boswane-- born royalty and sworn directly to the prince


--Count Henneth Ir'grenmalia-- Chief liason of Starilaskur to the MEP

various planning

--Countess Irideu ir'Boswane-- wife of Count Haleaq ir'Boswane


--Prince Quergev Ir'Wynarn-- prince of new cyre

--D32-- (Ex PC)Four armed Fire-infused warforged.

--Singe-- (D32's Cohort)Tiny fire elemental with a bedside manner.

--Deagan the Limp-- undefined Sharn fence mixed with the stonebrothers

--Gramman Tirch-- field representative of the Sharn Produce Consortium

--Hinity Ir'Rolschtunjh-- middle daughter of the Count and Lady Ir'Rolschtunjh

--Jannie-- Store owner of Polished Rain, ember of the KSA in Silvergate, Sharn

--Issayas Hollanter-- Material Coordinator for the MEP (damage control as well as fence/captal distribution and Payroll)

intro'ed, Re: funding, various planning, funds and mission

--Katchalia Ir'Rolschtunjh-- youngest daughter of the Count Lady Ir'Rolschtunjh-- tormentor of the cat.

--Khorvair's Stoeworkers' Alliance-- Largest Jewel and precious metal sales and construction guild in Khorvaire... based in the Mror Holds, offices ad shops cotienet wide.

--Kreggan-- aged woodsman of New Cyre. disruptor of kitchens.

intro, Greenspeakers under pressure, terrorist earth powers, leaving, various planning

--Lady Myriam Ir'Rolschtunjh-- Wife to Arquool

--Lady Lyndham D'llynnwilith of House Phiarlan-- prominent member of the Elven akashic temples and a member of the house of the shadowmark. She had initiallh approached both Valeas and Vintereth regarding the mournlands.

intro'ed, minstrels, Battle of Limits, floatstone

--Lady Marineth Abosteil-- Executive Coordinator of the MEP

intro, Questions Celestine, toast, Vintereth, Celestine2, Jaelith, various planning, funds and mission, D'llynnwilith's info

--Lord Madreq Kimble-- husband to Baroness Elea Kimble, gem merchant by trade.


--Madame (Trisha) Crineth-- Head of PR for the MEP (rumour monger and spinster)

intro'ed, various planning, funds and mission

--Malliaccio-- warforged Door attendant @ Gentle Falls Hotel in Silvergate

--Mirra Venlara-- daughter of Sir Broughm Ortega

--Murgis Soldorak-- Dwarven Adjuster of the KSA

--Polos-- (only a voice off stage) Gem cutter and jeweler of Polished Rain, Member of the KSA in Silvergate, Sharn.

--Rilan Heliatorch-- Korranberg College affiliate of the MEP

Cyre, wildcard

--Rillikith--Dragon trying to deliver a book to someone, currently in Sharn. (Off-Stage Appearences #1 #2)

--Swiftfoot--Lycanthrope resident of the Grove (Swiftfoot)

--Tamaeria Ir'Rolschtunjh-- eldest debutant of the Count and Lady Ir'Rolschtunjh

--Tanner Hogarth-- (ex PC) Sha'ir tapping far reach intelligences. previous councilmen of Aundair arcane society. Disappeared mysteriously in Sharn.

intro, intros the ir'Boswane's, vines, meets Lady D'llynnwilith, questions Heliatorch

--Valeas-- (ex PC) Elven War Hero for Cyre, Famous explorer of XZendrik. pulled away for "unkown busiess"

intro, Mourning terrorists, scout alone, don't split

--Vinterith-- (tolmaki & jasper-el) (ex PC): changeling akasha warshaper. Disappeared mysteriously in Sharn.

intro, vines, Lynx, Sharn via teleport

--Whelan Habrosa-- of The Livestock and Produce Distributors of Wroat (a trade competitor of the SPC, but mostly territorial in the capital of Breland)



Brute Force Tactics

--FarShot-- warforged sniper of the BFT, working for the stonebrothers/devils/Deagan in sharn

--QuickStrike-- warforged ranged skirmisher of the BFT, working for the stonebrothers/devils/Deagan in sharn

--BentIron-- warforged sorceror of the BFT, working for the stonebrothers/devils/Deagan in sharn

--SteelSpring-- warforged wandwielder of the BFT, working for the stonebrothers/devils/Deagan in sharn


--Shirley-- Offering Sul freedom for a favor....






BEYOND -- The realm of the multiverse. Containing the Heavens, Hells, Elements, and Eternity.

-The Road to Hell -- A shifting tunnel system leading from the material world of Eberron to Hell itself

-The Golden Fields -- peaceful fields Yin led the team to on the way from the Grove to The Temple of Long Death

-The Temple of Long Death -- A temple erected on a Nexus high above Aundair

EBERRON -- Prime Material World

KHORVAIRE -- Continent of Eberron

Aundair -- Nation on Khorvaire, North of Breland

The Temple of Long Death -- A temple erected on a Nexus high above Aundair

Breland -- Nation on Khorvaire, current focus of game

Argunth -- Brelands floating city of defense along the mournland

New Cyre -- refugee focal point near the mournland/cyre.

Sharn -- City of Towers: economic center of khorvaire

-Khorvaires Stoneworker's Alliance: Sharn Headquarters-- Upper cetral plateau

-Tears of Syberis -- Jewelry store on the high end of the central plateau

-Lady's Love -- Jewel Dealer in upper Silvergate

-Polished Rain -- in High-Mid SIlvegate.. visited by Team

-Sharn's Jewel Expose'-- Jewelry store in menthis plateau, Robilar's Square

-Gnome's Vanity -- Jewel Dealer menthis plateau, Robilar's Square

-cracked stone goblin tribe -- Below the Cogs of southwest Sharn.

-Cracked Mirror Inn -- Inn of ill repute in the lower Dura of Sharn, Lair of the Dry Lichwho is Night's Cohort.

-Skydocks -- Where the Sonia was docked during the Tsunami of Sharn

Starilaskur -- Breland city north of New Cyre

Wroat -- Capital of Breland

Droaam -- Home nation of Aurok

Eldeen Reaches -- Region on Khorvaire, wild land between Droaam, Demon Wastes, and Aundair.

Celestine's Grove -- Home to Celestine's cohorts and followers.

Mournland -- magical wasteland. focus of MEP.

Thrane -- Home of

ESCHATON -- Home world of Hieractus


    • -- The realm between the material world and the beyond.

Celestine's Grove -- Home to Celestine's cohorts and followers... currently under attack by Silver Flame radicalists hunting Shifters.

The Temple of Long Death -- A temple erected on a Nexus high above Aundair

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