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Character Highlights

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  • Full Druid Casting
  • Full Druid Wildshape
  • Full Animal Companion
  • Invocations as a 16th Level Warlock
  • 6th lvl Manuevers
  • 7d6 Eldritch Blast + 14d6 Hellfire Blast = 21d6 Hellfire Blast Total ... Jade increases this to 25d6 ... Strongheart vest negates the CON damage of Hellfire Blast
  • Medium BAB
  • Good Fort and Will Saves
  • Can wear light armor with no penalty, has the abiilty to wear heavier armors if desired.



  • Only 4 skill points per level (though is more than enough)
  • Bad Ref Save
  • Only Medium BAB


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