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Page history last edited by ChristopherGroves 15 years, 4 months ago


Personal Stuff

email christopher dot groves at gmail dot com

AIM voodoogroves

MSN voodoogroves at hotmail dot com

Yahoo voodoogroves

googletalk see email above



Shifter Spirit Shaman Bloodclaw Vindicator Crushaper


Character Details
  • RassChar - Spirit Shaman / Ruby Knight Vindicator / Master of Radiance on one side, Crusader, Swordsage, Warshaper, Weretouched Master and Bloodclaw Master on the other. (updating with a few changes including XP, etc.)
  • RassLegacy - Details on Vvaraak's Talisman, a legacy Amulet of the 12 Moons
  • RassXP - XP expenditures
  • RassEquipment - Equipment, etc.
  • RassSpellsAndPowers - Spells and Martial abilities
  • RassSummoningOptions - Unique summoning options


Character Concept


Character History
  • RassHistory - Basic backgrounds, timelines, factions, etc. ... I tried to make Rass intersect in a few places but also have some uniqueness
  • RassBackstories - Fiction dealing with Rass's time prior to joining the party


Other NPCs



Some things I'm working






Misc Stuff


  • Fun builds ... CRGFunStuff 
  • More fun builds here:  liberal gestalts ... the idea behind most of these is not complete ownage, rather to take one particular concept and optimize it or produce something that is categorically Eberronish


Loren - Swiftblade Dragonmarked Celerity abuser

Given the difficulty and concerns about making the swiftblade work, I'm thinking of running the swiftblade as the cohort.


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