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on the subject of cohorts...


if you are llking a t a build for one, add a link to it here.



ZarZak - Bark - Bark is designed to be a tank who just also happens to have almost full (16/17) archivist spell-casting. Bark's story is that he is indebted to Celestien for a nice backstory reason. :)


DavidWL - Fiend of Possession - note that I primarly want to have the Fiend of Possession act as a passive buffer in combat ... perhaps occasionally a scout (or companion to Surreal). Backstory is that it is a shard of the soul of my Eldrich Master.



fil here

yes, cohorts are liberal gestalt.

yes, cohorts bog down combat terribly.I hate that about them

yes, cohorts can fill in gaps in a party's ability. I like that about them


what do you plan on doing with your cohorts?

I allow for character control of cohorts. I like the versatility of cotrolling the relationship, I like a player being in more than one place at the same time. as a player, I have enjoyed playing the cohort more than the pc. in PbP, it simply isn't silly to talk to yourself. bravo.


cohorts, familiars, hirelings, and followers I expect to be vivd and 3 dimensional. If you have one or more, expect to be double(triple) timing, because I wat a post for each one everytime you do unless you are specifically relinquishing control of it to me for a period of time. I don't care how you do it... if you have a familiar, or animal companion, I expect the character to be either directly interacting with it, or writing about what it does/thinks/says each post. this is actually a good way to make more of your time. if your cohot is yer character's wife, then the character could remain quiet while the wife goes on a tirade about something.

an animal companion can ask questions the character wont... like, "what's in the bag? by sniffin at it.



cohort/follower errands might be done off stage, with a summary provided upon return, or can be played out as needed.


cohorts and followers will have 1 point of faction of their own for each level. taht needs to be provided as well. that point of faction is never the main character... it's something else. it can be the same as one of the character's points, or diferent.


cohorts get npc gold alotment... I believe 1/2 of the character. you can spend character gold to upgrade the cohort if you wish... but cohort gold cannot augment character gold.


although the cohort/follower/animal companion/familiar is a "posession" of the character, it is not safe from molestation... I won't tkae anyting from them as per "no one touches nothing", but I will kill and damage them as circumstances demand.


any clarifications go below.

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