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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 4 months ago

All questions answered

Still need DM permission for:

Getting Celestial Flight instead of Fell flight (Just a technicality ... I think angelic wings fit the character better :) ).


Need a DM ruling on:

  • How wildshaping into an Axiomatic Werebear works (I can do this and would like to make the hybrid werebeaer form my main wildshape form until 14th lvl, as it is humanoid and gives me good stat increases). Should I use the stats given for a werebear in the MM, or should I add on the stat bonuses the form gives to my base stats. Only STR and DEX are important for this question.
  • Whether or not I gain the 'ghost-sight' or ethereal-site or whatnot when I become an outsider at lvl 15 due to the planar shepherd ability Planar Self.
  • Are cohorts gestalt? I may use one if we decide we need one to fill a gap in the team, and want to plan for this contingency. I will design possible cohorts assuming they are also gestalt with a 36 point buy.
  • My dragonhawk cohort specifies a specific home region from Eberron. Now that we are using Eberron, should I follow that?


New concern:

If I get a graft, would I retain its benefit when wildshaped?


^^fil here 1-30

graft does not function while wildshaped.


Back to ZarZak


Surreal -


Planar Shepherd lets you assume templated forms?!? Yikes.


ZarZak -

^--- Planar shepherd lets you assume the form of any magical beasts and outsiders on the relevant plane. If there are templated forms which, after template application are outsiders or magical beasts, then the planar shepherd can indeed assume those forms (it even makes specific mention in the book of allowing templated forms). I will actually not be making use of most of them, except the axiomatic werebear, and then not so much because its axiomatic but because its a werebear. The real ridiculousness of the class is gaining all the spell-like, supernatural, and extraordinary abilities of outsiders you change into.


DavidWL - your fractional BAB is right.


^^fil here 1-30

-any divine casting class gets spirit sight regardless if they are able to cast spells yet or not(rangers and palas yes) as do outsiders elementals and undead and fey(includin bloodlines)

-of course celestial flight is fine. thanks for asking.

-dragonhawk to specific eberron region yes... figure out how you get it.

-gestalt cohort yes

-axiomatic weebear approved... use book stats always. meaning use the werebear's wi8th normal human stats.

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