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Tanner Hogart


History & Personality


History Snapshots - in brief: raised in a rural villige, he had a failed apprenticeship with a Wizard, almost died and in the process discovered the powers he could wrench from the universe with his soul, joined a magical guild and matured into a professional, dabbled with politics, went into reclusion mediting and dealing with the dead. Recently, he came out of reclusion into the world again. His is a slightly dark, but powerful energy.


"He had seen no living person for many years, but interacted with many alien spirits, psychotic insanities of other planes. He was darker, sterner, and stronger.


He was didn't know what his next destination would be, but he was somewhat lonely, and certainly ready for a change of pace."






This is a build whose primary "trick" is that has all Wizard and Cleric spells (and at 14th, Psion spells), which can be cast spontaneously. All of the rest is optional. I really wanted a superb caster who can "do anything".


Also, we have access to 7 bonus metamagic feats as well as a lot of metamagic ability from the Incantrix.


Finally, to make him tougher, he has a lot of Charisma Synergy to help him survive.


Build Choice Notes


Neutral Good (leaning toward Neutral-Neutral)


Age = Old Age

Flaw: Shaky (-2 on ranged combat)


Note: Not all abilities of all classes are listed. If it is not listed, then I am not using that ability.



Level Breakdown

LevelSide 1Side 2BAB FRWSkill PointsAverage Total HPClass AbilitiesFeatsWhy Other Side
1Sha'irMarshall12.500.332.501610Sha'ir Casting, Summon Gen Familiar, Minor Aura (Motive Dex)Otherworldly (Level), Faerie mysteries initiate (Human), Skill Focus - Diplomacy (Marshall), Able Learner (Flaw - Shaky)-
2Sha'irPaladin23.000.673.001816 Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 1/dayCHA to Saves
3Sha'irCleric33.501.003.502020Turn or Rebuke Undead, 2 domains - Pride & TimeIron Will (Level) Improved Initiative (domain)2 Domains
4Evolved HumanBattle Dancer44.001.504.002425+1 ability score, AC Bonus, Unarmed StrikeExtend (evolved human)CHA to AC
5Evolved HumanPaladin44.501.834.502829+1 ability score, Divine Grace, Lay on HandsMobile Spellcasting (Evolved Human)CHA to Reflex save & Initiative
6IncantrixEldritch Master54.832.175.003232Focused Study, Detect magic, Combined LevelsLeadership - Fiend of Possesion (Level), Persistent (Incantrix)-
7IncantrixEldritch Master55.172.505.503634Cooperative metamagic--
8IncantrixEldritch Master65.502.836.004037Metamagic Effect, Spell BoostQuicken (Eldritch master)-
9IncantrixEldritch Master65.833.176.504439Spell Dilitante (Divine)Rapid Metamagic (Level), Chain (Incantrix)Casts Divine Spells
10IncantrixEldritch Master76.173.507.004842Metamagic Spell Trigger--
11IncantrixExemplar76.503.837.505244Seize Concentration, Skill Artistry, Skill Mastery-Skill Mastery, esp. Concentration and Spellcraft
12IncantrixEldritch Master86.834.178.005647Instant metamagic 1/day, Powerful Presence, Spell BoostEmpower (Level),Eschew Materials (Eldritch master), Reach Spell (Incantrix)-
13IncantrixEldritch Master87.174.508.506049Snatch Spell, --
14IncantrixEldritch Master97.504.839.006454Instant Metamagic 2/day, Knowing Stare, Spell Dilittante (Psionics)-Casts Psion Spells
15IncantrixEldritch Master107.835.179.506856Improved metamagic, Spell BoostExtraordinary Concentration (Level), Still Spell (Eldritch Master), Silent Spell (Incantrix)-
16Sha'irEldritch Master108.175.5010.007259Mastered Name--
18Sha'irCleric129.176.1711.007668-Initiate of Mystra (Level)Can qualify for Initiate of Mystra
19Evolved HumanPrestige Bard129.676.6711.508072+1 ability scoreInnate Spell (Improvisation)-
20Sha'irMarshall1310.177.0012.008477Minor Aura--


Class and Build Choice Abilities


Sha'ir Casting (modified with consent from Fil) - Like Spirit Shaman, except can swap out recalled spells with a ~10 minute wait. "Knows" all Wizard/Sorcerer spells, and with Eldritch Master, all Cleric as well. Spell Tables, Longer Explanation on how the casting works


Level by Level breakdown and description of all abilities


description of all unusual feats




Tanner's Spell List - list through 10th level complete, forecasted further. Buff sequence yet to be done.




Fiend of Possession


Where things will go in the future



  • boost the checks from the Spellcraft and Concentration items, especially the spellcraft item
  • rings of wizardry (I, II, III, IV)
  • that psionic device that gives you mindblank
  • a ring of freedom of movement
  • Items to prevent debuffs


Epic Levels

  • 2 level dip in Chameleon wouldn't be bad
  • 5 levels of Hathran wouldn't be bad
  • 5 levels of Spellguard of Silverymoon wouldn't be bad

Nothing is yet set


What this Character Can and Will Do


10th level snapshot


11th level snapshot

- details above, but Saves 17/15/21, AC 28, 88 HP, 11th level casting of arcane and divine w/ CL 11, Incantrix goodness, a number of morning buffs.


Options, More Powerful, Less Powerful, Same Power


more powerful - I'm also trying to present a "middle of the road" build ... it could be amped up substantially with the Truename feat, leadership chains, Race which grants +2 to Charisma, +2 LA template (Celestial?), etc.


less powerful Similarly, I can water this down if desired ... I don't really need the levels of Incantrix, could weaken the spell boost abilities, etc. To really weaken it, I can also get rid of the Charisma Synergy, although I'd be reluctant to do that, as it would appear to decrease survivability dramatically.






Fil, this section is for you to comment on the build should you have any questions/opinions/etc.

Eveyrone else, this section is for you to comment on the build should you have any questions/opinions/etc.

- lonewolf:

Maybe you could fit a level of Mystic Wanderer somewhere in there since you´ve already got Iron Will?


^^-DavidWL - that's a quite good idea from a Charisma Synergy point of view. It could be fit in after the 3rd level of Cleric. That said, it will probably depend on the power balance of the party by the time we get to 20th level (when I could fit in on the left hand side of the progression).

Previous comments that aren't as relevant after I've updated my build

Other consolidated commentary - mostly about casting

Source Material

Comments (7)

Anonymous said

at 3:56 pm on Jan 9, 2007

ZarZak -
I'm a bit confused by the point values assigned to your attributes (10 is 3?) ... what do you mean?

NoldorForce said

at 4:07 pm on Jan 9, 2007

The point values are for the character's ability scores before the age adjustment.

Anonymous said

at 4:21 pm on Jan 9, 2007

Hmm ... that is a good point. ZarZak, I'll clean up the attribute calculation, but I'm afraid I won't be able to for a couple of days. I do see how it is unclear.

NoldorForce said

at 9:30 pm on Jan 9, 2007

Ah, evolved human...generally better than human paragon, but unavailable until 4th level like all evolved levels.

Anonymous said

at 10:31 pm on Jan 9, 2007

To Noldor, I just meant that I thought that a 10 was 2 points, not 3. Heheh, unless I'm turned about somehow.

Anonymous said

at 11:41 pm on Jan 9, 2007

No ... a 10 is 2 points. An 11 is 3 points. -1 because of age => 10 ability score at a cost of 3. However I've updated things to be much more clear

Anonymous said

at 12:28 am on Jan 12, 2007

I'd like to pint out that diavid's faction is done wonderfully. Although I would split up the totals per level, the ambiguity of details while giving th general flavor allows his background to be sculpted by the campaign flavor, and the other players. He could have met dhraksis's character at level one, for instance, and not had anything to do with him again until level 7.
well done!

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