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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 10 months ago

Whisper Gnome/ Strong bloodline(devil) I could use a few suggestions with build type, Bloodlines at 2 and 4, next planned at 11. I would like to have a build good for spying/stealth, on one side rogue7/shadowdancer 3, the other 2fighter/2bloodline/6? any help on these 6 would be greatly appreciated.


DavidWL - I think you have to take bloodline levels at 3, 6, and 12. See here:http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/races/bloodlines.htm (EDIT: Surreal's right ... it is at or before 3rd, 6th, 12th level)


For stealth a combination of incarnate/totemist/umbral disciple might be good, with the darkstalker feat. Totemist can give very good hide and move silently bonuses, and umbral disciple can give you hide in plain sight. You still need a way of generating concealment.


However, if you want help, better to tell us what you want to be able to do, the build will follow.

how abou this

whispergnome strong devil bloodline shadowwalker (la buyoff)

LevelSide 1Side 2feats
1roguefighterf-shaky,f-vulnerable, educated, endurance, wfscimitar, combat reflexes
2roguefighterdodge, mobility
3roguepsywarriorspring attack, combat expertise
4roguepsywarriorweapon finesse
9shadowdancershadowlordobtain psicrystal
12horizon walkershadowlord2wfight
18dervishpsywarriorgr2wfight,(general feat)

finish out dervish9 and whatever the otherside.

the trick: get per use item: inconstant location(swift action full attack), dimensional slide item->power(move action full attack), benign transposition item for yourself and psicrystal both(standard action full attack) to allow three dervish dancing shadowpounces per round, and one during psicrystal's standard action. Upon attaining horizon walker: desert, he'll be immune to dancing fatigue. At level 11 he's got 3 attacks with haste per shadow pounce, and can hide in plain sight to sneak attack after rolling up to oponents with tumbling. By level 12 he'll have 5 attacks per shadowpounce hasted, at level 15 he'll have 7, 18th he'll have 8, and 19th level he'll have 9 hasted. ending with 36 attacks per round.


dropping leadership in at 18th level prepares for epic gaming by adding russian doll shadow minions to set up a "shadow network" throughout the spirit world.

Surreal - One of your 2nd level level feats should go at first level (as you're missing one at first, but have too many at second). You're also missing a feat at 15th level.


Regarding bloodlines, David was partially right. You need to take your first one at or before 3rd level, your second one at or before 6th, and your third at or before 12th level. I would probably insert the first one in between the rogue levels (you don't really need that many of them anyways).


For the psionics, I would really consider a PrC instead of just advancing Psywar. I would even suggest to take Warmind (at minimum to 5th level) to make huge sweeping attacks with your dervish dance.


I don't have the books with me just at this moment, but how do the shadowpouncing and dervish dances mix together?


psywar isn't optimal, but Dhraksis may decide to keep up shadowdancer... he may also load up on powerstones, and getting a psycrown with big psp bonus may be useful. warmind is a good call.


the feats are actually accurate: devil gives dodge at 2nd level.


each time a dervish shadowpouncer teleports, he gets an extra fullattack, they also get to use their dance... so he;ll (with haste) have 3 or 4 attack sequences in which he is able to run around and make multiple attacks.. stop at some point, tport again, and contiune running about hacking stuf. hen the crystal triggers the tleport, of his turn, he will again be able to run around and hack stuff... with benign transposition, he's going to be able to swap positions with virtually anyone wihing 25 feet (or more, if paid for highr level) this is going to allow for immediate bailouts and importing large muscle into groups of opponents. good tactical stuff here.

leadership could be swapped for craven. Extra damage per SA is always welcome.

Oh, hey... I know that Dhraksis and I do a lot of phone conversations, but we may as well get used to posting regularly, too. I think the rest of the team would appreciate it.

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Anonymous said

at 8:59 pm on Jan 10, 2007

Oh, you can use fellmist robe to get concealment as well.

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