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Epic Thoughts

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 3 months ago

Epic Progression:

OK, just read Fil's new thing - here is a quick and dirty epic build:

Legacy Champion 9-10/Epic Legacy Champion 8 //Druid 11-20

Jade will probably develop features to a) grant invocations and b) further buff wildshape.

Epic warlock feats: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ei/20061027a


21) Epic Leadership

24) Eldritch Sculptor (requires 4 blast shape invocations)

27 and 28: either gargantuam wild shape --> colossal wild shape, diminuitive wildshape --> fine wildshape, or beast wild shape --> dragon wild shape. Probably beast--> dragon, as gets abilities as well.

Dark Transient also looks like a very fun feat (warlock, teleport anywhere at will pretty much). Jade will probably grant the equivalent of this ability.

What this build does is:

a) boosts the cohort up to a max of 25th lvl, and gets me more followers

b) boosts hellfire blast up to a ridiculous lvl (will probably be doing around 60d6 per blast, then double that each round with the feat, maximize it w/the other feat, and then apply aura of chaos for HUGE damage)

c) boosts druid spells and warlock invocations (gets more of each and increases the save DC's)

d) buffs wildshape EVEN MORE - will be assuming 34+ (probably get another item to increase the limit) HD creature shapes at lvl 30, with all special abilities intact if I choose outsider or dragon (convinently two very powerful choices as well).

e) boosts Jade to epic levels. Epic legacy weapons give the equivalent of epic level feats. So jade will probably grant the equivalent of dark transient, give some extra invocations (to help with the eldritch sculptor requirement), boost wildshape by another 4 HD, give a +6 enhancement to wisdom, and probably boost eldritch blast damagge as well. Of course there will be the usual permanent character losses to go with it (bab, hp, and (UGH) spell slots :( ).

All in all I think this definitely keeps Celestine very competitive up in epic levels; he'll come to rely heavily on his huge eldritch blast and his amazing wildsahping abilities. Having great spells and invocations won't hurt either, but druid spells and warlock invocations can't match cleric or wizard spells, especially at those high levels.


21) Epic Leadership

24) Beast Wild Shape

27) Dragon Wild Shape

30) Gargantuan Wild Shape


23) Epic Legacy 1 –

26) Epic Legacy 2 –

29) Epic Legacy 3 –



21: ability – Eldritch Sculptor Feat (Some interesting name I will think of later)

24: ability - +6 Eldritch Blast (Gods' Wrath)

27: ability – Shadowmaster Feat (Accepting the Truth)

30: ability – Ageless (Nature's Avatar)


also want: +4 wildshape level, +8 charisma, +8 wisdom, +30 fly speed (Dark Transient Feat). Can probably get the +4 wildshape level and +6 wisdom in there, legally. Morpheme Servant might be interesting.




Epic Legacy Champion

1st Reduced Epic Ritual Cost, Epic Legacy

2nd +1 level of existing class features

3rd +1 level of existing class features

4th Reduced Epic Ritual Cost, Epic Legacy

5th +1 level of existing class features

6th +1 level of existing class features

7th Reduced Epic Ritual Cost, Epic Legacy

8th +1 level of existing class features

9th +1 level of existing class features

10th Reduced Epic Ritual Cost, Epic Legacy



Bond of Lore: You continue to add your full class level as an insight bonus to Knowledge (History) checks made in relation to your legacy item.

Reduced Epic Ritual Cost: After you've made a successful Knowledge (History) check to learn an Epic Legacy Ability, you may perform the Epic Legacy Ritual for 50% of the costs associated with the ritual. You may perform this ritual at a reduced cost once at 21st level and again at every three levels thereafter.

Epic Legacy: When you complete an Epic Legacy Ritual that has had it's cost reduced by your Reduced Epic Ritual Cost ability, you gain the associated Epic Legacy feat as a bonus feat.

Class Features At each level in which you do not gain the Reduced Epic Ritual Cost class feature, you gain class features and an effective level as if you had also gained a level in a class to which you belonged before adding the prestige class level. The specific class features you gain include spells per day (and spells known, if applicable), improved chance of turning or destroying undead, metamagic or item creation feats, bonus feats, monk special abilities, sneak attack progressions, and so on, depending on the class. You do not, however, gain the benefit of your previous class's Hit Dice, attack progression, skill points, or saving throws. If you had more than one class before becoming a legacy champion, you must decide to which class to add each level for the purpose of determining class abilities.

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