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Fiend of Possession

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

Name: Xxklns


Faction - yet to come, but centered around people who can sense the other-natural.

People who can sense the other-natural -3

Any race who would dislike Kaorti (many races dislike the Kaorti, if they know of them) -4

People who are against possession on principle (and a Fiend of Possession is the worst of them all) - 3


Note: While there is the faction above, I would expect that most of the time, people don't even know that Xxklns exists


Backstory - the Strange being of the deep gave him to Tanner as a gift, shaving off a (very) small part of himself to form a minion.


Alignment: Evil (really, it should be, "other")

Race: Kaorti

Age = Adult

No Flaws

LA Buyoff (+2)


Level Breakdown

LevelSide 1Side 2BABFRWSkill PointsAverage Total HPClass AbilitiesFeats
1OutsiderBloodline (Fey) on Hide checks (Fey Bloodline)Darkstalker (Level)
2OutsiderBloodline (Fey)2.002.502.502.504012.25Iron Will (Fey Bloodline)
3ClericBloodline (Fey) Domains (Travel, Time), turn undead, Charisma +1 (Fey Bloodline)Quick Reconnoiter, Improved Initiative (Domain)
4Fiend of PossessionMarshall3.753.503.503.504620.75Charm person 1/day (Sp), Ethereal form, hide presence, possess object, +2 to saving throws (Shadow Template), Minor Aura (Motivate Int)Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
5Fiend of PossessionMarshall4.504.004.004.005025.00Curse, magic item, Major Aura + 1
6Fiend of PossessionMarshall5.254.504.504.505429.25Control Object, Minor Aura (Watchful eye)Undecided (Level)
7Fiend of PossessionShadow Template6. on Move Silently checks (Fey Bloodline), Animate object, possess creature
8Fiend of PossessionShadow Template6.755.505.505.505835.75Alertness (Fey Bloodline), Ally or Enemy, possess noncontinuous object, Evasion (Shadow Template)


description of select abilities


  • Ethereal form - Can become Ethereal at will, as the spell "Etherealness", CL = HD
  • Hide presence - When possessing an object or creature, may hide vs. almost any effect with Hide Skill + Int Bonus vs. DC of spell. +4 circumstance bonus if not controlling creature at the time of the detection effect.
  • Possess object - Can possess an object tiny to huge. Vulnerable to spells that effect creatures of the fiends alignment or outsiders, but not much else. Harming the object does not harm the fiend, although if the object is destroyed, the fiend is forced back to ethereal form. Can use any ability that requires no physical action.
  • Curse - Can bestow curse via possessed item. Will save to resist.
  • Magic item - Can possess item and provide Fiend of Possession Level in magical bonuses (5 + 3 from bloodlines, currently).
  • Control Object - Can make an object move in it's normal way (make a wagon move, a windmill circle, etc.)
  • Animate object - May animate objects, size up to Gargantuan, stats as an animated object.
  • Possess creature - Can possess creature (will save). Successful will save makes the creature immune for 1 day. Can probe thoughts of possessed creature and sense through senses of possed creature.
  • Ally or Enemy - Can provide + or - 4 profane bonus to any attribute for a possessed creature.
  • Possess noncontinuous object - Can possess even dust, a pool of water, etc. Size up to collossal.


Marshall Auras

  • Motivate Int - for spellcraft checks for Incantrix goodness - typically active
  • Watchful Eye - to help the reflex Save - active only when entering combat or an obviously dangerous situation.


Shadow Template

  • Base speed * 1.5
  • Shadow blend (Su) - in a condition other than daylight, gain full concealment. Even in "light" or "continual flame", but not vs "daylight".
  • Special abilities every 4 HD (listed in table above).


Description of all unusual feats


Darkstalker - hide skill also works versus darvision, blindsight, tremorsense, etc.


Quick Reconnoiter - Spot and Listen checks as a free action


Stats at 8th level


AttributesValue(36 Points)Fey TemplateLevelsEnhancementRacialTotalBonus
STR12 (4)-48-1
DEX14 (6)+418+4
CON14 (6)14+2
INT12 (4)+416+3
WIS14 (6)14+2
CHA16 (10)+1+2+4+629+9


Hit Die: 6D8 + 2D6 + 8 * Con = 35 + 16 = 51 HP

Initiative: (Dex) +4 (Minor Aura - motivate DEX from Tanner) + 4 (Time Domain) = +16

Speed: 55 ft (30 * 1.5 Shadow Template + 10 Travel Domain)

Armor Class: 14 (Dex +4), touch 14, flat-footed 14 - Note: have to work on this

Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+6

Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.

Saves: (have to work on these)

  • F = 5 (Base) + 2 (Shadow Creature Bonus) + 2 (Con) = 9
  • R = 5 (Base) + 2 (Shadow Creature Bonus) + 4 (Dex) = 11 (sometimes +5 if Watchful Eye is active.)
  • W = 5 (Base) + 2 (Shadow Creature Bonus) + 2 (Wis) = 9




Can someone tell me what NPC gold is?

I'm thinking I'll buy something to up AC and to up Saves.



Max Hide, Move Silently, Spot, Listen

Prereqs for classes


  • Hide = 11 (ranks) + 3/4 (Int / Dex) + 9/12 (Motivate Int / Dex) = 23/27 (27 if for "Hide presence" class ability)


What this Character Can and Will Do

1) Fiend of possession goodness (including the ability to possess a creature and give a +4 profane bonus to an attribute)

2) Bloodline levels enhance the fiend of possessions abiltiies to enhance an item, giving it the ability to grant +8 bonus worth of item abilities to a weapon or armor.


However, while this could be used to make my Theurge more passable in combat, in practice I'd plan to use him more as a passive buff to Charisma (giving +4 profane bonus), and occassionally for scouting or whatnot.

Fil, this section is for you to comment on the build should you have any questions/opinions/etc.


this ay be obvious, but I'll point it out....

the marshall auras will affect tanner normally, since you can communicate freely with the fiend while it rides tanner

If the fiend controlls your oice, it can project its marshall auras to everyone else as we... but sice you share the same voice, if you are casting verbal spells, the auras will not be active.

Man, Igotta keep these in mind for my future bulds... the fiends of posession are like freebie buffs to yerself.


^^DavidWL - good call on the voice. Fiend of Possession really is an amazing self buffer (which is how I like to think of cohorts - things that make you more you). Also, if the Fiend of Possession uses a "Telepathic Bond" spell to communicate with the rest of the team, I assume that it can use it's Marshall Aura on them as well, without requiring the use of Tanner's voice ... ?


Surreal No worries about stepping on my toes. There are a lot of similarities, but enough differences as well. Sul is better at the mind reading and controlling, while the fiend is better at possessing in general. They could learn from each other. Come to think of it, having two characters doing the possession bit would be quite strong and can very quickly turn encounters in our favour. If we really want to mess with people trying to scry on us, we could double possess someone (even one of our own party members). Imagine if Sul possessed Tanner, and then your fiend entered Tanner as well, and then my shadow companion occupies the same body space. Someone scrying in would essentially see 4 identities mashed together. Time to get a new crystal ball, heh.


Another thought for working in conjunction would be for the fiend to create a weapon for Sul once I start manifesting astral construct bodies, which can make me a pseudo-tank very quickly.


^^DavidWL - Ok - sounds fun ... I'm game.

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