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Hieractus Current Combat Stats

Temple of Long Death round 14

AC 25 (10 base +6 Dex +5 Int +3 Enhancement +2 Armor +1 Natural Armor +1 Deflection +1 Luck +1 Insight +3 Defending -4 Robilar's Gambit -4 Karmic Strike) Touch 20 Flat 14 (Uncanny Dodge)

HP 170 (10*7 + 8*2 + 12*3 + 4*12)

Current 170

Move 30', fly 60' (good)


Fort 14 (Base 7 Con +4 Resistance +3)

Ref 16 (Base 4 Dex +6 Resistance +3 Warblade +3)

Will 13 (Base 8 Wis +2 Resistance +3)

+1 vs. spells & spell-like


BAB 12

Attack Science+19 (BAB 12 Dex +6 Kensai +1)

Attack Aethyrdancer+22 (BAB 12 Dex +6 Enchantment +3 Kensai +1)



Readied Manuevers: Iron Heart Surge, Insightful Strike, Mind Over Body, Ruby Nightmare Blade

Active Stance: (none)


Current Spell Effects:

Magic Vestment

Greater Magic Weapon X2

Extended Skill Enhancement X2 (Concentration & Iaijutsu Focus)

Extended Resistance Item

Fly (from boots)

Item Alteration (luck) on Mnemonic Resevoir

Item Alteration (luck) on Cloak of the Shielded Empath

Wieldskill: Concentration and Iaijutsu Focus

Personal Weapon Augmentation: demon or devil Bane

Personal Weapon Augmentation: Intercepting (extra attack, free attack on anyone who chages, bull rushes, overruns or grapples at X2 damages for all but grapplers. If successful charges don't get attack the +2 attack bonus)

Weapon Aummentation: Wrathful Healing (heal 1/2 of damage done)


Notable Class/Feat Abilities:

Mind over Magic 1/day (like spell turning for 1 effect)


Notable Item Abilites:

Ghost Touch on all attacks (Ghost Shroud)

fly 3/day (Winged Boots)

overcome dr/silver (Gauntlets of the Weaponry Arcane)

opponent takes half damage dealt to H. 3/day (Retributive Amulet)

Freedom of Movement 3/day (Vest of Free Movement)


Wand Charges:



AttributePts SpentBaseLevel AdjustmentsRacial AdjustmentsSubTotalEnchantmentTotalModifier
STR210+0010+0 enh10+0
DEX815+3+018+4 enh24+6
CON614+0+014+4 enh18+4
INT1016+0+016+4 enh20+5
WIS412+1+012+2 enh14+2
CHA614+0+014+4 enh18+4

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