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Legacy Weapon - Jade

+1 Scimitar (2,315 gp to start)

The weapon exudes the smell of fresh rain. It appears to be made out of chiseled jade. The handle is wrapped in black leather.


The Story of Jade


To Activate Legacy:

1d6 Eldritch Blast

Wild Shape Class Ability


Least Legacy Ritual: Purification (Bathe the item in a purifying mixture) -> 5th lvl

Costs: 500 XP, 1500 GP (in plant salves, oils, and crushed gems) (DC 15 history check)

Lesser Legacy Ritual: Pledge (To never willingly perform an evil act) -> 11th lvl

Costs: 1,100 XP, 11,500 GP (DC 18 history check)

Greater Legacy Ritual: Meditation (Must meditate in a secluded forest glade, at least 20 miles from the nearest settlement) -> 17th lvl

Costs: 1,700 XP, 39,000 GP (DC 25 history check)


LevelAttack PenaltyHit Point LossSpell Slot LossAbility Gained
5---Eldritch Blast +1d6
7-2-Touch o' the Arcane (Sp)
8-1-2nd+2 Scimitar
9-2-Angelic Descent (Sp)
11---Eldritch Blast +1d6
12--4th+3 Scimitar
13-2-Nature's Companion
14--5thEldritch Blast +1d6
16--6thNature's Blessing
17---+5 Scimitar
18--7thAngelic Wings (Sp)
19-2-Eldritch Blast +1d6
20--8thNymph's Beauty


Eldritch Blast +1d6: Increase damage done by your Eldritch blast by +1d6. These effects stack.

Touch 'o the Arcane (Sp): Gain the abiilty to use prestidigitation at will.

Angelic Descent (Sp): Jade immediately confers the effect of a feather fall spell if you fall for more than 5 feet.

Nature's Companion: Jade gains sentience (pg. 268 of DM for Intelligent Items). Jade can communicate with you telepathically and speaks Common. The item can hear and see out to 120 feet using darkvision, and it has blindsense with a range of 120 feet. Jade gains 18 Wisdom, 18 Charisma, and 10 Intelligence. Jade's ego score is 23 at level 13, and increases to 27 at level 17. Jade can use detect thoughts at will, has a continuous detect scrying effect active, can use cure moderate wounds (2d8+3) on the wielder 3/day, has 10 ranks in Spellcraft, and can use faerie fire 3/day.

Nature's Blessing: When wildshaping treat your effective druid level as 4 levels higher. For the purposes of determing the wild shape HD cap use your HD+4.

Angelic Wings (Sp): Two times per day when you say the word "fly" in celestial and gesture with Jade, you can use teleport as the spell.

Nymph's Beauty: Gain a +6 enhancement bonus to charisma.


Used Table 4-7, pg. 186, in Weapons of Legacy to determine item/ritual costs


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NoldorForce said

at 2:59 pm on Mar 8, 2007

I'd looked at this often enough for comparitive purposes that I decided to link the history of Jade with everything else about it.

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