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Kimoko - Magic-Blooded Succubus - http://www.rpgwebprofiler.net/view.php?id=57962


Buy off Fire-Souled and Half-Nymph, and move up sorcerer so as to not have any dead levels ...


LevelSide 1Side 2BABFORTREFWILLFeatsSpecialSkillsHD
1Sorcerer 1Succubus 1+1+2+2+2Nymph's Kiss, Loner (Flaw), Iron Will2 Claws @ 1d6, +5 Natural Armor, SR, subtypes (chaotic, evil)8 + INT X 4d8
2Half-Nymph 1Succubus 2+1+2+2+2+2 WIS, Lesser Succubus Powers 1/day, Resistances 5, Telepathy (100 ft. Demons Only-d8
3Half-Nymph 2Succubus 3+2+3++3Spell Focus (Enchantment)+2 CHA, +6 Natural Armor, +2 DEX, +2 INT, +2 WIS, +4 CHA, low-light vision, Considered a Fey when targeted with Enchantements, trying to activate Fey-specific magic items, etc, Awesome Beauty8 + INTd8
4Fire-Souled 1Succubus 4+2+3+3+3+2 DEX, Lesser Succubus Powers 3/day, Telepathy (Abyssal Only), +2 CHA, Leadership, Fire Subtype, Immune to Stunning and Dazing, +2 on Hide Checks, +1 CHA--
5Sorcerer 2Succubus 5+3+3+3+3+2 CHA, Energy Drain 1/Day, Fly 50 Ft. (Average), +7 Natural Armor, Resistances 108 + INTd8
6Sorcerer 3Succubus 6+3+4+4+4Mantle of Freedom+2 CON, DR 5/Cold Iron or Good or Magic, Lesser Succubus Powers at Will, Succubus Powers 1/Day2 + INTd4
7Sorcerer 4Succubus 7+4+4+4+4+2 CHA, Energy Drain 3/Day, +8 Natural Armor8 + INTd8
8Sorcerer 5Succubus 8+5+4+4+5Domain Access - Pleasure Domain, +2 WIS, DR 5/Cold Iron or Good, Electricity Immunity, Poison Immunity, Succubus Powers 3/Day, Telepathy (100 ft. Unrestricted), Alertness, +1 CHA8 + INTd4
9Sorcerer 6Succubus 9+6+5+5+5Nimbus of Light+2 CHA, Energy Drain at Will, +9 Natural Armor8 + INTd8
10Cobra Stirke Monk 1Succubus 10+6+5+5+6Unarmed Strike, Dodge, +2 STR, DR 10/Cold Iron or Good, Succubus Powers at Will, Summon Tanar'ri (Vrock 30% chance, 3rd lvl spell equivalent)4 + INTd8
11Cobra Strike Monk 2Heartwarder 1+7+6+6+6Mobility, Charisma Increase4 + INTd8
12Soldier of Light 1Minor Yuan-Ti Bloodline+8+6+6+6Ascetic MageDetect Undead, Turn Undead, CHA +1, +1 CHA2 + INTd10
13Soldier of Light 2Heartwarder 2+9+7+7+7Divine Grace, Smite Undead, Heart of Passion2 + INTd10
14Soldier of Light 3Heartwarder 3+10+7+7+7Positive Fortitude, Charisma Increase2 + INTd10
15Mystic Wanderer 1Heartwarder 4+11+8+7+8Gift of DiscernmentGlory of the Divine, Sleep, Lips of Rapture2 + INTd8
16Arcane Duelist 1Heartwarder 5+12+8+8+8Detect Poison 1/Day (Sp), Chosen Weapon, Enchant Chosen Weapon +1, Charisma Increase, +1 CHA4 + INTd8
17Arcane Duelist 2Heartwarder 6+12+9+8+9Apparent Defense, Voice of a Siren4 + INTd8
18Saint 1Heartwarder 7+13+9+9+9Force of Personality - or - Weapon FinesseCharisma Increase2 + INTd4
19Saint 2Heartwarder 8+14+10+9+10+2 CON, +2 WIS, +4 CHA, Immune to Acid, Cold, Electricity, and Petrification, +4 Racial bonus vs. Poison, Fire Resistance 10, becomes an Ousider (native), Darkvision 60', +2 DC to all special attacks, spells, supernatural, spell-like, and extraordinary abilities, Tongues (always on), Wis to Dex, Holy Touch, Guidance, Resistance, Virtue Bless at will, Fast Healing (HD/2), Protective Aura, DR 10/evil, Tears of Evergold2 + INTd4
20Marshal 1, Phantom (MM5)Heartwarder 9+15+10+9+10Yuan-ti affinity +2, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Minor Aura - Motivate Dexterity, Charisma Increase, +1 CHA4 + INTd8


Awesome Beauty: any Humanoid within 30' who looks at the Half-Nymph is Shaken (WillNeg, DC is Charisma-based) for 1 minute. Coninued lookin results in additional saves, the failure of which resests the duration. The Half-Nymph can suppress or resume this ability as a Free Action. This is a mind and fear effect.


Fire-Souled: +2 Cha, Leadership, Fire Subtype, Immune to Stunning & Dazing; +1 LA

Magic-Blooded: +2 Cha, -2 WIS, if original race has special vision now has low-light vision, +2 racial bonus on spellcraft checks and the skill can be used untrained, +2 racial bonus on knowledge(arcana) checks and the skill can be used untrained, gains the following abilities at character level (detect magic 1/day, read magic 1/day, nystul's magic aura 1/day, nystul's undetectable aura 1/day), favored class becomes sorcerer


Pleasure Domain: Immune to any effect that damages or drains your Charisma.


Kimoko's History







+1 Whip-dagger (1325 GP)

Cloak of Charisma +2 (4000 GP)

Hat of Disguise (1800 GP)

2275 GP


Eventual Equipment:

Water Whip (MIC) - 20301 GP

@9: HP = 72


@ Lvl 8

HD: 8 + 4d8 + 2d4 + CON = 48

BAB: +5

Fort: + 4

Ref: +4

Will: +4


AC = 22

Flatfooted = 18

Touch = 14

Flatfooted Touch = 10


To get when in monk levels

Perform - 5

Tumble - 5

66 + INTx9 + 8 (nymph's kiss) = 110 Total

Max 11/5.5

Bluff 11

Concentration 11

Craft (Alchemy) 3

Diplomacy 11

Disguise 11

Escape Artist 11

Knowledge (Nature) 3

Knowledge (Religion) 4

Listen 11

Profession (Herbalist) 3

Search 3

Spot 11

Use Rope 11

Whip Climber - Use whip as a grappling hook

Second Impression - Make Bluff check to reestablish blown disguise

Social Recovery - Make Bluff check to replace a failed Diplomacy check


Languages Spoken:

Common, Abyssal, Sylvan, Celestial, Elven, + Tongues

Sorcerer Spells Known:

Pleasure Domain
0PrestidigitationDancing LightsGhost SoundMage HandSilent PortalArcane Mark
1Remove FearMage ArmorGreaseOrb of Sound, Lesser
2Lastai's CaressGlitterdust

Kimoko Benefits


Succubus Class Progression


Kimoko Sources

Comments on Kimoko

"--buy a template--

I've standardized this.

1LA lvl 3 3000xp

1LA lvl 6 6000xp

1LA lvl 9 9000xp

1LA lvl 12 12000xp

1LA lvl 15 15000xp

1LA lvl 18 18000xp

ad infinium.

these can be retro purchased in bulk, and reengineer the characer build to replace the levels"

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