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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 10 months ago
LevelGestalt Side 1Gestalt Side 2Hit DieBABFortRefWillLeft Class FeaturesRight Class FeaturesFeats
1Ranger(racial substitution)Cobra Strike Monkd8+1+2.5+2.5+2.5Bonus Feat(Track), Favored Enemy(Blood of Vol)+2, Wild EmpathyBonus Feats(Improved Unarmed Strike, Dodge), flurryBladebearer of the Valenar, Combat Reflexes, Shaky(flaw)
2RangerCobra Strike Monkd8+2+3+3+3Weapon Style(twoweapon fighting)Bonus Feat(Mobility), evasion
3RangerSwordsaged8+3+3.5+3.5+3.5Bonus Feat(Endurance)Quick to act +1, Discipline Focus(Weapon Focus(Desert Wind))Improved Trip
4FighterSwordsaged10+4+4+4+4Bonus Feat(Combat Expertise)AC Bonus
5FighterSwordsaged10+5+4.5+4.5+4.5Bonus Feat(Defensive Throw)
6Revenant BladeDervishd10+6+4.83+5+5Ancestral Guidance(1), Hero of the Valaes TairnDervish Dance 1/day, Movement Mastery, slashing bladesImproved Twoweapon fighting
7Revenant BladeDervishd10+7+5+5.5+5.5Shadow of the pastFast Movement +5ft
8Revenant BladeDervishd10+8+5.33+6+6Ancestral Guidance(2)Spring Attack, Dervish Dance 2/day
9Revenant BladeDervishd10+9+5.66+6.5+6.5Giant SlayerDance of DeathElusive Target
10Revenant BladeDervishd10+10+6+7+7Ancestral Guidance(3), legendary forceFast Movement +10ft, Dervish Dance 3/day
11ScoutDervishd10+11+6.33+7.5+7.5Skirmish(+1d6), trapfindingImproved Reaction
12ScoutDervishd10+12+6.66+8+8Battle Fortitude +1, uncanny dodgeElaborate Parry, Dervish Dance 4/dayAcrobatic Strike
13Scout(PHB II variant)Dervishd10+13+7+8.5+8.5Climb speed, Skirmish(+1d6,+1AC), trackless stepFast Movement +15ft
14ScoutDervishd10+14+7.33+9+9Bonus Feat(Improved Initative)Tireless dance, Dervish Dance 5/day
15Scout(PHB II variant)Dervishd10+15+7.66+9.5+9.5+2 AC and immune to flanking while adjacent to a wall, Skirmish(+2d6,+1AC)A thousand cutsGreater Twoweapon fighting
16ScoutSwordsaged8+16+8+10+10Flawless StrideDiscipline Focus(Insightful Strike)
17ScoutSwordsaged8+16+8.33+10.5+10.5Skirmish(+2d6,+2AC)Quick to act +2
18ScoutSwordsaged8+17+8.66+11+11Camouflage, Bonus Feat(Improved Skirmish)?
19ScoutSwordsaged8+18+9+11.5+11.5Skirmish(+3d6,+2AC)Sense Magic
20ScoutSwordsaged8+19+9.33+12+12Blindsense 30ftDiscipline Focus(Defensive Stance)


Valeas factions


Valeas Xanathor

Male Feral Patron-Touched(bought of) High Elf Ranger3/Fighter2/Revenant Blade5//Cobra Strike Monk2/Swordsage3/Dervish5



Str 28 +9 (6 pts)(+4 Feral, +6 Patron-Touched, +1 lvl, +3 item)

Dex 18 +4 (10 pts)(+2 racial, -2 Feral, +2 item)

Con 20 +5 (4 pts)(-2 racial, +2 Feral, +6 Patron-Touched, +2 item)

Int 13 +1 (10 pts)(-4 Feral, +1 lvl)

Wis 16 +3 (6 pts)(+2 Feral)

Cha 8 -1 (0 pts)


Hit Points 8+ 2d8 + 7d10 + 50

AC 30(+5 armor, +3 Wis, +4 Dex, +2 Dervish, +6 natural)

Touch 19(+3 Wis, +4 Dex, +2 Dervish)

Flat 26(+5 armor, +3 Wis, +2 Dervish, +6 natural)



Init +5(+4 Dex, +1 Quick to act)

BAB +10, Grap +19

Speed 50 (30 base, +10 Feral, +10 Dervish)

Fort +12 (+6 base, +5 Con, +1 Resistance)

Ref +12 (+7 base, +4 Dex, +1 Resistance)

Will +11 (+7 base, +3 Wis, +1 Resistance)



Medium, 5'5" tall, 135 wt, 144 yrs old

Black hair, green eyes


Speaks Common, elf


+19/+19/+14/+14 Melee, Valenar Double Scimitar, 1d6+16/1d6+16; 15-20/x2

+13/+8 Ranged, Composite Longbow, 1d8+9, 20/x3


Conditional modifiers:

+3Attack/damage while in Dervish dance



+11 Balance(5)(+2 synergy)

+26 Hide(11)(+2 Zaelshin Tu, +5 Shadows of the past, +4 Patron touched)

+23 Jump(8)(+2 synergy, +4 speed)

+18 Listen(13)(+2 racial)

+26 Move Silently(11)(+2 Zaelshin Tu, +5 Shadows of the past, +4 Patron touched)

+11 Perform(dance)(12)

+18 Spot(13)(+2 racial)

+9 Survival(6)

+16 Tumble(10)(+2 synergy)





Bladebearer of the Valenar(lvl1)

Combat Reflexes(flaw(shaky))


Twoweapon Fighting(Ranger2)


Improved Trip(lvl3)

Improved Unarmed Strike(Cobra Strike Monk1)

Dodge(Cobra Strike Monk1)

Mobility(Cobra Strike Monk2)

Combat Expertise(Fighter1)

Defensive Throw(Fighter2)

Weapon Focus(scimitar, light mace, light pick, spear, falchion)(Swordsage1)

Weapon Focus(Valenar Double Scimitar)(gained via Bladebearer of the Valenar & Weapon Focus(falchion))

Improved Twoweapon Fighting(lvl6)

Spring Attack(Dervish3)

Elusive Target(lvl9)


usually via Ancestral Guidance:

Imroved Critical(Valenar Double Scimitar)

Weapon Specialization(Valenar Double Scimitar)

Power Attack

Blind Fight


High Elf Traits:

+2 Dex, -2 Con

Immunity to magic sleep effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects.

Low-Light Vision

+2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. An elf who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it.

Favored Class: Wizard


Feral Traits:

+4 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, -4 Int, +2 Wis

+10ft speed

+6 natural Armor

2 Claws 1d8

Improved Grab



Darkvision 90ft

Fast Healing 4


Patron Touched Traits:

(Used Lolth Touched Template & renamed it)

+6 Str, +6 Con

+4 Hide, +4 Move Silently

Immunity to Fear



Elf Ranger Abilities(racial substitution lvl1):

Bonus Feats

Favored Enemy(undead) +3

Wild Empathy


Fighter Abilities:

Bonus Feats


Cobra Strike Monk Abilities:

Flurry of strikes

Bonus Feats

+2 Escape Artist


Swordsage Abilities:

Quick to Act +1

Discipline Focus(Weapon Focus(Desert Wind weapons))

AC Bonus


Stances Known:

1st- Blood in the Water, Child of Shadows


Maneuvers Known:

1st- Burning Blade, Distracting Ember, Counter Charge, Sudden Leap, Wolf Fang Strike, Mighty throw

2nd- Cloak of Deception, Shadow Jaunt


Maneuvers readied:

1st- Burning Blade, Counter Charge, Sudden Leap

2nd- Cloak of Deception, Shadow Jaunt


Revenant Blade Abilities:

Ancestral Guidance(4) (with Zaelshin Tu)

Hero of the Valaes Tairn

Shadows of the past

Giant Slayer

Legendary Force


Dervish Abilities:

Dervish Dance 3/day

AC +2

Movement Mastery

Slashing blades

Fast Movement +10ft

Spring Attack

Dance of Death



Fireshaped(DMGII) Mithril Chain Shirt +1(worn) 2400gp

Belt of Giant Strength +3(worn) 9000gp

Bracers of Dexterity +2(worn) 4000gp

Cloak of Resistance +1(worn) 1000gp

Iron Heart Vest(Iron Heart Surge)(worn) 3000gp

MW Mighty(+9) Composite Longbow(carried) 1300gp

Boots of Speed(worn) 12000gp




Zaelshin Tu of Health +2(worn) 6700gp

This Zaelshin Tu is a platinum amulet with the sigil of his patron ancestor on it. Inside the platinum plate a tooth of Valeas Kalean that was passed over from generation to generation until it was finally worked into this amulet. A fine Mithril chain secures it tightly around his neck.

It was given to Valeas as a reward for a heroic rescue of a Valenar commander who was captured by Hobgoblins under the payload of Breland.



Talaen Kara, the proud Stallion(intelligent Weapon)

+1/+1 Valenar Double Scimitar; Al: TN, Int 13,Wis 13,Cha 10, Ego7; Bless 3/day, Faerie Fire 3/day(carried) 8825gp

This beautiful weapon holds the essence of a proud Valenar warhorse, the lifelong companion of Valeas father. When his faithful steed finally fell in battle, the blade was forged so his companion could continue to ride with him into battle. While the weapon is intelligent, it has the mind of a horse and only communicates with strong, pure emotions - anger, joy, suspicion, and so on.

Each of the scimitar´s two blades is engraved. One bears the stylized image of a horse´s head, while the second features a flowing horse´s tail. When the weapon is whirled about in battle, these images seem to move and gleam with silver light. The handle is bound with black leather and silver wire, and bears the name of the weapon in Elven script.




Valeas Xanathor was born in the Town of Var-Shalas on the northern steppes of Aernenal as the son of a weapon trainer. He was named after his patron ancestor Valeas Kalean(see below for details). From early youth on his father trained him hard to use the double scimitar as well as stealth, with Valeas enjoying every moment of it. Pretty soon it was obvious that Valeas had superhuman strength and healing abilities. His parents asked for advice from the keepers of the past(the priests of Valenar ancestor worship). They examined Valeas and came to the conclusion that he was blessed by his patron ancestor and that much could be expected from this child if he is trained properly.

Valeas lived a quite monoton life in training and learning about his patron ancestor until the call for mercenaries for the War came from Cyre. He knew at once that this was the chance he had been waiting for and was one of the first who answered that call. His father welcomed his decision and gave him Talaen Kara, his old intelligent Valenar double scimitar, as parting gift to watch over him. He fought for the Cyrans for glory and to gain experience with his sword, but after a few years he knew that this style of combat can only bring him so far in emulating his patron ancestor. He was fighting in pure elven units and in the open battle, both of which disagreed with his ancestors style. As the Valaes Tair split of from Cyre and took Valenar as their own, Valeas disagreed with that decision. While he also wanted the Valaes Tair had a place in Khorvaire to call their own, he thought that that should be accomplished together with other races and that isolation was not the right way to do that. He stayed in Cyran service despite the mistrust that the other Cyrans showed towards him.

After a few months that showed that the mistrust was too great that he could stay in the normal military, Valeas volunteered for leading a guerrilla warband in Karrnathi territory to disrupt enemy supply lines. To emulate his patron ancestor, he assembled a group out of different races and went to work. His inital successes were minimal however partly because of the undead armies of Karrnath didnt require as much supplies as most standard armies. So Valeas had to change his tactic and started to specifically hunt for Clerics and Necromancers of the Blood of Vol who were creating and controlling these undead, what lead to better results. The continued attacks slowly started to become a real nuisance to the Karrnathi, but then the Day of Mourning came. Most of Valeas Cyran companions stopped fighting after the effects of that day became common knowledge and the rest who didnt expect to get paid anymore also left.

Valeas returned to Valenar and lived there for a year, resting from the exhausting fights, but he never really felt at home there. Since Khorvaire was a relatively peaceful place at that time, Valeas thought that this was as good a time as it would get to explore the continent on which all Valenar ancestors fought their heroic battles and to fight against the descendants of the giants that fought his patron ancestor. Unfortunately his cash on hand at that time was insufficient to pay for the trip himself, so he traveled to Sharn and signed on as a mercenary for that years Wayfarers expedition to Xendrik. A few weeks and several drow attacks later the expedition reached their target, an ancient giant temple near the river head of Hydra river. The excavation started remarkably quiet and easy until one night a dozend people including Mikk Bella, a gnome reporter of the Korranberg Chronicle, and Lord Servan ir´Krell, a distant relative to Queen Aurala, just vanished without any trace from the camp. Valeas wanted to go out looking for them but was ordered to watch on the camp while another group of mercenaries was sent out to look for them. Only one member of the "rescue team" made it back alive with high fever and obvious combat wounds, while mumbling something about a giant ambush before succumbing to a disease. The fighting power of the expedition was already quite thin, so it was decided to cut the expedition short and to return with everything found so far. Valeas disagreed. He quit the job right there and waited until the others were gone before heading into the jungle and trailing the giants. He managed to find their camp without beeing noticed and slew the single guard past enought to deny it any warning shout. He freed the 4 surviving prisoners including Mikk and Lord Servan and with the useful help of Mikks bardical magic guided them through half the continent to Stormreach with giants and drow on their trail. Once there on the brink of civilization Lord Servan promised him great rewards once they are back in Aundair, but once again Valeas refused. He told him that he still had something to do in Xendrik and started to move back into the jungle. Mikk, sensing a great story, spontaneously decided to join him. Valeas offered some resistance, but then agreed to take the gnome with him. They slowly advanced back into the continent and towards the old excavation site. Over the course of the next few months, Valeas started a small scale guerrilla war against the giant tribe, for which he even managed to work together with a small drow tribe in the area that were also enemies of the giants. One by one the ogres, hill giants and finally their fire giant chieftain were suprised and slaughtered in well planned ambushes. At the site of the last battle against the chieftain Valeas sat down and meditated for three consecutive days without speaking a word. As he finally stood up he only said to Mikk: "My work on this continent is done. Lets go back!" Mikk, who had long before filled every last free piece of parchment he could get his hands on happily agreed. Back in Khorvaire, Mikk published this great adventure and thus made Valeas quite famous.

After exploring a part of his ancestors history done, Valeas is now looking for new challenges and adventures.




Valeas doesnt usually talk very much, but when he does, he often tries to link the conversation with an event in his patron ancestors history, which can get quite annoying after some time. He always avoids any unnecessary noise and stays always alert for danger.

Valeas trusts his gut when it comes to people. That means that he usually has pretty fast an opinon about someone, be it good or bad. That has let to unnecessary fights as well as him beeing subject to deception in the past, but that didnt made him change his opinion. During the War, Valeas started to really belief in the Cyran cause and the Day of the Mourning shaked up his beliefs.


Valeas Kalean:

Valeas Kalean fought the giants in Xendrik with incredible displays of swordskill with the Valenar Double scimitar and stealth. But the thing that made him stand out from many other elven heroes that fought the giants in that time is that his warband consisted mostly of non-elven ex-slaves of the giants of many different races. Unlike the other elves he let only skill and devotion on defeating the giants decide if one was acceptable to serve under his command. His lacking charisma also didnt help to make him any more popular with the other elves, so his warband was quite on its own most of the time, but that didnt damper his success. With an even greater focus on stealth, Valeas Kalean fought far behind enemy lines with hit and run tactics that focused on enemy supply lines. With his fame beginning to rise even among the giants, a fire giant sorcerer decided to take out the warband. He used his powerful magic to disguise himself as a bugbear slave and managed to infiltrate Valeas warband. After gaining Valeas trust over the course of a few months, he lead the whole warband into a deadly trap with no possible escape. Valeas managed to cut of the traitorous head before succumbing to the many boulders that came flying at him from all directions.

Even today, Valeas Kalean isnt one of the more popular Warrior heroes among the Valaes Tair, despite his successes are accepted by everyone. The most usual opinion about him is that he brought his defeat on himself by allowing so many non-elves into his trust.



Non core Sources:


Cobra Strike Monk Variant(Unearthed Arcana page 52)

Swordsage(Tome of Battle page 16)

Revenant Blade(Players Guide to Eberron page 142)

Dervish(Complete Warrior page 25)



Lolth Touched(MM IV page 92)

Feral(Savage Species page 115)



Bladebearer of the Valenar(Players Guide to Eberron page 141)

Elusive Target(Complete Warrior page 110)

Defensive Throw(Complete Warrior page 97)



Zaelshin Tu(Players Guide to Eberron page 145)

Fil, this section is for you to comment on the build should you have any questions/opinions/etc.

fil here 1-25

-considering the story, I'd consider retrochanging favored enemy to blood of vol.

-that is a fantabulously eberron background! That could easily ccount for the first 5 levels of your character. starting your travels at that point is going to brig you lots of opportunities to tie in the rest (or at least2) of the team.

I'd start looking beyond the norm of campagins at this point in the character's life. This is a very planeshiftable group. tying in to that will be fun.

yer inherited doo dads I'm sure have become increasingly powerful over the levels... feel welcome to trump them up as you proceed.

-how wll know is valeas? what kind of check is going to be needed to know you follow his ideals? this is goin to get played on occasionally by those that know. Hopefully your character's personality doesn't require blood vengeance and a killig rampage for ancestral insults.

-feral? is that just a statistical boost, or is there any roleplaying posibilities tied to that?

you can buy off that ecl, BTW.



- I´ve added another large section to his background, but have yet to incorporate the other characters and his templates(which are a relatively new addition). I still have to work on that.

- There isnt any real information about how many elven heroes are worshipped by the Valenar elves, but I guess that it should be about 2-3 dozend. And Valeas Kalean isnt one of the more famous one, rather his legacy is a bit stained. That should mean that for non-elves the knowledge(history) DC should be about 30. For Non-Valenar Elves it should be around 20 and for Valenar elves around 15. However, due to the publishing of Valeas recent adventures in Xendrik(see background addition), careful readers could have also some information about Valeas Kalean(the ancestor) that was probably over-glorified by Mikk.

- The reason for adding Feral was most certainly number crunching, but I will try to find some roleplay explanation for that.


Eveyrone else, this section is for you to comment on the build should you have any questions/opinions/etc.

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