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Lynx - http://www.rpgwebprofiler.net/view.php?id=58220

Magic-Blooded Changeling



Get Recaster/Changeling Wizard levels in there? Impossible I think. :/


With the steal spell she will be able to eventually steal 9th lvl spells, but only 'hold' (cast) 0th or 1st lvl stolen spells.


LevelClass 1Class 2BABFORTREFWILLFeatsSpecialSkill Points
1Wizard 1Changeling Rogue 1+0+0+2+2Point Blank Shot, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Forlorn, Murky-EyedEidetic Spellcaster, Social Intuition, Sneak Attack +1d610 + INT X 4
2Wizard 2Spellthief 1+1+0+2+3Steal Spell (0 or 1st), Trapfinding, Sneak Attack +2d66 + INT
3Wizard 3Rogue 2+2+1+3+3Master SpellthiefEvasion8 + INT
4Wizard 4Changeling Rogue 3+3+1+3+4Steal Spell (2nd), Minor Lore, Sneak Attack +3d6, +1 INT10 + INT
5Wizard 5Rogue 4+3+1+4+4Spontaneous Divination, Uncanny Dodge8 + INT
6Unseen Seer 1Kensai 1 (Cutting Wheel)+4+2+4+5Somatic WeaponrySteal Spell (3rd), +1 to hit/damage with a Cutting Wheel, Sneak Attack +4d66 + INT
7Unseen Seer 2Dark Lantern 1+5+2+5+5Silent Spell, Advanced Learning - Hunter's Eye, Citadel Training6 + INT
8Unseen Seer 3Dark Lantern 2+6+2+5+6Steal Spell (4th), Divinationi Spell Power +1, Sneak Attack +5d6, +1 INT6 + INT
9Unseen Seer 4Dark Lantern 3 (Buy Phantom Template (MM5 131) - costs 3 LA (9000 XP))+7+3+6+6Persona ImmersionNondetection, Sneak Attack +6d66 + INT
10Unseen Seer 5Dark Lantern 4+7+3+6+7Steal Spell (5th), Advanced Learning - Gravestrike, Guarded Mind, Sneak Attack +7d66 + INT
11Unseen Seer 6Dark Lantern 5+8+3+6+7Divination Spell Power +2, Skill Mastery6 + INT
12Unseen Seer 7Cabinet Trickster 1+9+4+7+8Extend SpellSteal Spell (6th), Detect Thoughts 2/Day, Doppelganger Insights, Sneak Attack +8d6, +1 INT6 + INT
13Unseen Seer 8Cabinet Trickster 2+10+4+7+8Racial Emulation, Thought Trick (Daze), Advanced Learning - Vinestrike6 + INT
14Unseen Seer 9Dark Lantern 6+10+4+8+9Steal Spell (7th), Divination Spell Power +3, Sneak Attack +9d66 + INT
15Unseen Seer 10Dark Lantern 7+11+5+8+9Persistent SpellSlippery Mind, Sneak Attack +10d6, +1 INT6 + INT
16Spellwarp Sniper 1Dark Lantern 8+12+5+9+10Steal Spell (8th), Spellwarp, Sneak Attack +11d64 + INT
17Spellwarp Sniper 2Dark Lantern 9+13+5+9+10Sudden Raystrike +1d6, Hide in Plain Sight4 + INT
18Spellwarp Sniper 3Cabinet Trickster 3+13+6+10+11Deadly PrecisionSteal Spell (9th), Detect Thoughts 4/Day, Thought Trick (Disrupt) Precise Shot6 + INT
19Spellwarp Sniper 4Cabinet Trickster 4+14+6+10+11Sudden Raystrike +2d6, Quick Change, Thought Trick (Confuse)6 + INT
20Spellwarp Sniper 5Cabinet Trickster 5+15+6+11+12Ray Mastery, Change Shape, Detect Thoughts at Will, Thought Trick (Stun), +1 INT6 + INT


Get Disturbing Visage some way, if possible ... and Telling Blow. Also Practiced Spellcaster would be nice.


Eidetic Caster from DR #357


Lynx History


HD: 6 + 4d6 + d10 + 5d8 + 2d6 + 4d8 + 3d6 + CON




Cutting Wheel: 15 gp, 1d6, 19-20/x2, 10ft. range increment, 1 lb, p & s damage, +2 bonus on opposed rolls to avoid being disarmed, monk weapon for proficient monks, light weapon



1315 GP: +1 Cutting Wheel

1315 GP: +1 Cutting Wheel

2110 GP: +1 Mithral Chain Shirt

4000 GP: Headband of Intellect +2

Scroll of Lesser Orb of Acid

Scroll of Silent Image

Scroll of Reduce Person

Scroll of Rope Trick

Scroll of Fly

Scroll of Rainbow Beam

Scroll of Scorching Ray

Scroll of Ray of Ice

Scroll of Ray of Flame

85 GP remaining


To Buy Later:

shatter -2

mirror image 2

returning weapon -2

Locate Object - 2

leomund's tiny hut - 3

phantom steed - 3

displacement - 3

major image - 3

gentle repose - 3

mage hand, greater - 3

Slow - 3

orb spells - 1 - 25 (orb of acid)

magic missile scroll -1

Raging Flame - 1

stars of arvandor - 3

Lantern Light - 1

Greater Disrupt Undead - 3

Distracting Ray - 2

Ray of Exhaustion - 3

Geyser -2

Blast of Force - 2

Ray of Clumsiness - 1

Ray of Deanimation - 4

Ray of Deflection - 4

Ray of Dizziness - 3

Ray of Sickness - 2

Ray of Stupidity - 2

Ray of Weakness - 2

Rust Ray - 3

Scale Weakening - 2

Sting Ray - 2

Targeting Ray - 1





Races of Eberron

Complete Mage

Five Nations

Complete Scoundrel

Complete Champion

Expanded Psionics Handbook

Secrets of Sarlona

DR 310

DR 357


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