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Hey folks! we're gonna see a lot of custom stuff popping up througout the game... How does it work, Fil???



Go ahead and leave this page to me to utilize... everyone is welcom eto present ideas in the OOC thread in the game PbP thread... I'll mull it over and present it here. I won't always use straight dmg rules for pricing... the more popular the item, the more mass produced it will be... so the build cost won't be proportionate to the sale price.. xp may be off as well, often spent by the purchaser.






gem of security

as per magic item compendium: this is a plug and play item filling whatever body slot it is worked into. often a brooch, hairpiece, earing, necklace, belt buckle, cufflink, or weapon/cane/staff adornment-- superior items can function independantly as an area ward... part of a chandelier, a mirror, part of a desk, a chair, sealed into the floor or wall.

Used principally amongst royalty and wealthy figures to assure they retain control of their own facilities, and that their thoughts remain privately their own.

700gp- Minor- as per prot vs. evil. No posessions, no persistent mind effects. CL1 build cost 500gp, 50xp

1300gp- Moderate- as per minor + immune to detect thoughts CL3 build cost 1000gp, 100xp

2500gp- Superior- as per moderate + affects 10' radius CL5 build cost 2000gp, 200xp


These are flat immunities. They can be dispelled normally, and the minor and moderate cease functioning if taken off the warded person's body. activating the item is a standard action, by command word.



Thi unusual rock defies gravity. having the same hardness and density as granite, it is ideal for vertical construction as used in sharn.

It's "weight" is the amount of pounds needed to prevent it from floatin away. a 100 lb floatrock requires 100 lbs of weight to be placed on it to become stable and bouyant. more weight will cause the rock to sink to the ground... less simply slows its ascension.

This unusual property is ideal for tower construction... since it is otherwise identical to granite, it can be mortared into a brick wall with normal stone, and with an even distribution of floatrock to stone, the wall will literally weigh nothing while still be capable of handling the normal structural stress and environmental damage of a castle wall.

The city has therefore over the past century beenable to progressively increase the height o it's towers into the sky.


This rock is imported from far of reaches kept hidden by the windfarer dragonmark House (AFB) They hold exclusive access and rights to the material.... assuring their economic strength. The rock is ten times to cost of normal granite, and has become more and more popular for personal use... attaching floatstone to carriages, using the material to create simple means of travelling up and down the towers from to

floor to floor... some even fashion art to hang in midair, or polish the floatstone and use it as exotic jewelry.


The Greenspeakers have been lobbying the various consttuction companies and governments both local and national to halt it's use.... the lobbyists can only claim the rock to be unnatural, and the result of perverted rituals.

The Dragonshard Patrons have denied any involvement with dark arts in creation of the stone, and the greenspeakers hold firm they refer to demonic influence on the rock.

Representatives of the silver flame discredit any claims the rock is evil, adn proclaim it perfectly sfe for daily use.


Occasional threats of violence or terrorist acts are performed against users or objects of floatstone; typically independant druids, rangers, and divine worshipers of obscure earth rock cults that are regularly denounced by both greenspeakers and the dwarven community as a whole.

such outbursts are typically impotent, but occasionally a demented terrorist cell or individual of considerable power takes matters into their own hands to cease the use of such "cursed earth".

Anyone with knowledge of peopoe or plans to further sabotage the ue of floatstone now and in the future are offered reward for any information that results in the capturing of ecoterrorists.




new infusion


Stabilize Floatstone


Level: 1

Components: S

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: Touch

Target: Single piece of floatstone (see below)

Duration: Permanent

Saving Throw: none

Spell Resistance: No


Upon infusion, floatstone behaves as though it has enough weight put upon it to render it bouyant... Up to 1,000 pounds worth of floatstone may be affected per level of caster, but floatstone is incapable of supporting more weight than its "poundage"... although a 5th level artifcer can infuse up to 5,000 lbs of floatstone, a 5 lb piece of floatstone will still sink if 6 or more lbs are placed on it.

any additional weight placed on a flatstone that is within its limit of "poundage" does nothing to affect the bouyancy.

for example, a 1,000 "pound" floatstone could have a 200 lb man sit on it and be as stable in midair as though it had exaclty 1,000 lbs placed upon it. The infusion will compensate for the added weight automatically, making u for the diference.



The Traveller's Trunk (30,000 gold)

First encountered Here

This trunk is far more than a simple storage device. almost always covered in exotic runes, symbols and pictographs, this object emits strong magic. size may vary, but is typcially able to hold the equivalent volume of one medium sized creature, or two small sized creatures. when closed, it exists on both the prime material and the edgeworld simultaneously... but wne opened, it exists only on the plane on which it was opened... if opeed on the prime, it disappears from the edge. If opened on the edge, it disappears from the prime.

Thi curious relationship occurs only if the trunk has been resting on a non mobile surface for a full minute. if moved, it can be taken anywhere on the plane on which it travels... having disappeared from the other plane altogether.

(methods of construction must be researched... it is not native to the prime)

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