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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

I'll be keeping a record of various maps here.



Here's the map naming system for tracking turns during battle:


NameOfMap X.Y player


NameOfMap is self explanatory

X is the round

Y is simply the sequence

player is whoever just updated the map


For example...

Fil always starts off the round, so would upload the file (Cemetery 1.0)

Let's say Aurok goes next and updates (Cemetery 1.1 Aurok)

D32 then goes but doesn't update the map, but Sul does and updates the map for both of them (Cemetery 1.2 D32 Sul)

Fil then starts the next round (Cemetery 2.0)









Here's one I did up in Excel..13MB, so be patient, but it's the above link integrated into one excel spreadsheet that allows for telescopic zooming....



(MAP 2) a bit more impromptu but functional... seating arrangement at new ciyre private dinner.

  Count Arquool Ir'Rolschtunjh  
valeas   Count Henneth Ir'grenmalia
Madame Crineth   Count Bruuam Ir'Ghalan
Sir Rilan Heliatorch   Issayas Hollanter
Vintereth   Tanner
Lady Lyndham D'llynnwilith   celestine
  Lady Marineth Abosteil  



(MAP 3) fil here 2-15

added a pathetic looking MAP OF THE KEEP for a visual.

1. main foyer where everyone is enjoying cocktails

2. dining room where the party is mostly.. the table arrangement is above.

3. the two washrooms, boy and girl

4. the kitchen


I didn't include the ventilation system yet, and the crappy stairways on either side of the dining room double door goes up above to the balcony where the quartet is playing. top of page is WEST, so NORTH is to the right of the page, and the main entrance is to the EAST of the foyer. Obviously, the whole castle has not been explored, so not fully mapped.


My art computer blew up, so I'm using MS paint on my office laptop. I wanna cry.


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