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Page history last edited by NoldorForce 16 years, 4 months ago

Vintereth: Abilities

Vintereth Tolmaki: Background

V: Skills

V: Equipment

V: Level-By-Level

V: Epic Notes


Rulings Determined

  • Morphic Weapons: How many can I get? I could just use the most liberal interpretation, but doing such would essentially be an indefinite loop. -> As many as "reasonable".
  • Are evolved levels permissible? -> Yes.
  • Akashic grants certain SLAs from Arcana Evolved. Are those an exception to the normal "WotC casting only"? -> Yes, but taking an AE casting class is still out.
  • Does the change of regional feats to General void the racial requirements? -> Yes.
  • Do SLAs from Akashic qualify for the caster level requirements of item creation feats? Complete Arcane has a sidebar about this, and implies that singular SLAs can still be used. (It mentions that a nixie, with a CL 4 SLA of Charm Person, can qualify for the CL 3 requirement of Craft Wondrous Item.) -> Yes.
  • What sort of progression is given for the epic chameleon? -> This one. (Note: Link was changed due to WotC's board pruning.)
  • What sort of fractional progression does the medium save from Arcana Evolved get? I ask because Evolved Human uses it. (For reference, the mageblade's saves are all medium.) -> 5/12 (.4166...) per level


Rulings Needed

  • When used on a weapon, does the bonus from Greater Learn Secret apply to attacks, damage, or both?
  • Should the synergy bonus on Knowledge: History apply to Delve Into Collective Memory checks, as it does to the similar class feature of Bardic Knowledge?
  • Considering the whole "I won't permanently destroy your equipment pact", should homunculi merely be disabled upon their creator's death?


How I Will Operate If I Don't Hear Otherwise

  • Fil's suggestion seems to approximate the average, which I don't like because it makes the fractions SO MUCH MESSIER. How about 5/12 per level? (5/12 = .41666...)
  • Both. +2 to attacks and damage is nice, but not spectacular.
  • Yes, as it seems to make thematic sense.
  • Yes.


Race: Fire-souled Changeling

Type: Outsider (Fire)

Alignment: CG

Concept: Int-Based Changeling Morpher (Entire Right Side of Tree), Hefty CL Arcane Caster (Chameleon, Evolved Human), Skill Monkey (Akashic)

Current Level: 12


Flaws: Shaky (-2 to ranged attack rolls), Murky-Eyed (roll twice for concealment)


LevelGestalt Side 1Gestalt Side 2Hit DieHit PointsBABFortRefWillLeft Class FeaturesRight Class FeaturesLegacy Class EmulatedFeats
1AkashicSwashbucklerd1010+1+2.5+1/3+2.5Skill Memory +2Weapon FinesseAble Learner, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Drow Scorpion Chain, Dodge
2AkashicSwashbucklerd1015+2+3+2/3+3Perfect RecallArcane Stunt: Expeditious Retreat
3AkashicSwashbucklerd1021+3+3.5+1+3.5Delve Into Collective MemoryInsightful StrikeSpeed Burst
4AkashicFighterd1026+4+4+1 1/3+4MAA: Creature LoresightBonus FeatCombat Reflexes
5AkashicWarshaperd831+4.75+4.5+1 2/3+4.5MAA: Bonus FeatMorphic Immunities, Morphic WeaponsCraft Magic Arms and Armor
6AkashicChameleond835+5.5+4 5/6+2+5MAA: Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)Aptitude Focus 1/day (+2)Power Attack, Leadership
7AkashicChameleond841+6.25+5 1/6+2 1/3+5.5MAA: Sneak AttackBonus FeatStaggering Strike
8AkashicChameleond845+7+5.5+2 2/3+6LAA: Greater Learn SecretMimic Class Feature 1/day
9AkashicChameleond849+7.75+5 5/6+3+6.5Skill Memory +4Ability Boon +2Craft Wondrous Item
10AkashicChameleond853+8.5+6 1/6+3 1/3+7LAA: Bonus FeatAptitude Focus 2/day (+4)Multiattack
11AkashicChameleond858+9.25+6.5+3 2/3+7.5LAA: ImpersonateMimic Class Feature 2/day
12AkashicChameleond862+10+6 5/6+4+8Feat MemoryAbility Boon +4, Double AptitudeOtherworldly, Least Legacy
13AkashicLegacy Championd867+10.75+7 1/6+4 1/3+8.5LAA: Sneak AttackReduced Lesser Ritual Cost, Bond of LoreChameleonLesser Legacy
14AkashicLegacy Championd871+11.5+7.5+4 2/3+9LAA: Defensive FocusRapid Refocus, Replace Least Legacy AbilityChameleon
15AkashicLegacy Championd876+12.25+7 5/6+5+9.5GAA: Bonus FeatMimic Class Feature 3/dayChameleonRacial Emulation, Robilar's Gambit
16AkashicLegacy Championd880+13+8 1/3+5 1/3+10GAA: Skill Focus (Disguise)Ability Boon +6, Aptitude Focus 3/day (+4), Extra Least Legacy Ability UseChameleon
17AkashicLegacy Championd885+13.75+8 5/6+5 2/3+10.5Skill Memory +6Morphic Body, Bonus Legacy FeatWarshaper?, Greater Legacy
18AkashicEvolved Humand889+14.5+9.25+6 1/12+11GAA: Sneak AttackBonus Feat, +1 Ability ScoreMobility, Combat Casting
19AkashicLegacy Championd894+15.25+9 7/12+6 5/12+11.5GAA: Memory PossessionBonus Feat, +1 Ability Score, Replace Lesser Legacy AbilityEvolved HumanStand Still
20AkashicLegacy Championd898+16+9 11/12+6.75+12Spell MemoryReduced Greater Ritual Cost


Note: Vintereth is currently a Ghostwalk ghost. Taking a level of eidolon temporarily replaces an akashic level, and the template itself temporarily obviates Otherworldly. Vintereth thus has Control Visage and Haunting Voice as temporary bonus feats.


Str 14/1814/18 (+2/+4) Total
Dex 16/27+6 Enh+4 Comp26/37 (+8/+13) Total
Con 14/18+2 Enh16/20 (+3/+5) Total
Int 16/23+4 Enh+3 Levels+4 Comp27/31 (+8/+10) Total
Wis 10+2 Enh12 (+1) Total
Cha 10+2 Enh+2 Race14 (+2) Total


AC: 47 (13 Armor, 13 Dex, 8 Natural, 3 Shield)

Touch: 23 (13 Dex)

Flat-footed: 30 (9 Armor, 8 Natural, 3 Shield)


Hit Points: 92/116 (62 Hit Dice, 36/60 Con, -6 Legacy)


Saving Throws:



Note: "If the wearer of the definitive harness is unaware of an incoming attack, this suit offers protection as a harness of normal plate armor (armor bonus +8 rather than +12)."-AE, page 165



AttackAttack BonusDamageCriticalType
Scorpion Chain+32/+271d6+2519-20/x2S
Wing Buffet+26/+261d4+1720/x2B
Tail Slap+261d4+1720/x2B


Attack+10 Base+13 Dex+4 Competence+27 Total
Damage+2/+6 Str+10 Int+4 Competence+16/+20 Total

Scorpion Chain: +3/+3 Enhancement, +2/+2 Insight

Natural Weapons: +1/+1 Enhancement, -2/+0 Multiattack


Ability Foci:

Combat: +4 competence bonus to attacks & damage, +4 bonus to Fortitude saves

Arcane: CL 14 arcane casting, +4 competence bonus to Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft, +4 bonus to Will saves


Skill Points: 8+Int. Always.

Skill List: Everything.


4,135 xp spent on item creation


At this point, with only two aptitude foci, the character will probably either load up on precasts from the Arcane Focus at the beginning of the day and swap foci to Combat Focus, or just stay in Arcane for more short-term buffing. If people are fine with it, I'm willing to use Polymorph (or variants, if Fil decides differently). As soon as the character hits 12th level, both Arcane and Combat Foci will be used. At 16th level, I'll take the additional step of starting out with the Divine Focus and burning it out for precasts before swapping to Combat Focus.


The character is something of an arcane many-attack gish. It will consequently also be a skill monkey--the akashic class is designed to act in this manner.


This character is actually based on an epic arena character I'd run, called J'pyen War'r (hence the background references). Same changeling warshaper goodness, same "every skill is a class skill" trickery, same intent on gishing (J'pyen actually had the Arcane, Combat, and Divine Foci going simultaneously), same scorpion chain.



  • Akashic, Evolved Human, Definitive Harness, Knowledge tomes, Speed Burst: Arcana Evolved (Malhavoc)
  • Grace: Complete Book of Eldritch Might
  • Swashbuckler, Warshaper, Staggering Strike: Complete Warrior
  • Able Learner, Chameleon: Races of Destiny [Note: I don't actually own this book, but have made several chameleons using the WotC preview of the PrC.]
  • Changeling, Racial Emulation, Scorpion Chain: Races of Eberron
  • Halfweight: Underdark [I don't own this book either.]
  • Twilight: PHB2
  • Arcane Stunt: Complete Mage
  • Githcraft: DMG2 [I don't own this book.]
  • Legacy Champion, Legacy feats: Weapons of Legacy
  • Stand Still: XPH

Fil's Comment Block


I'm with you, noldorforce. good judgement.-- fil

answers... sla qualify, racial requirements removed.


anytime you have a divine focus active, you get spirit sight.


for roleplay purposes, any akashic knowledge is provided from the spirit world. I can see akashic, monks, and psions living in close uarters... perhaps all as a part of the same school.

Comment Block for Everyone Else


DavidWL - Hey Noldor-Force, very nice mix of the Akashic, the Chameleon, and the Evolved Human. Wonderful mix.


fil here:

the background looks great, and may well account for maybe the first 5 levels or more/less... yer call. Id recommend fillig in faction and hoppig over to building a relationships to flesh out your interaction with the team... you're the only character I don't see a natural link to.


fil here 2-25

give me some details about the anit-dispel component for spells... I had previously stated that I w8ill not be using hte magic system from AE... essentially allowing the akashic class in and some gear, but that's about it.

I am, howeever, quite willing to incorporate things into the game if it makes sense to me.


so, how does that work?


^^Noldor - The anti-dispelling component is Verihas Leaf, at the end of the Equipment section. It works perfectly fine for both AE magic and D&D Vancian magic, as it simply gives a +10 bonus to the spell's caster level for the purpose of resisting dispel attempts. Most of the other components do similarly universal things; the one exception is andrecite, which heightens a spell (in the AE manner) without using a higher-level spell slot. It costs 800 gp.

Comments (9)

Anonymous said

at 11:05 am on Jan 9, 2007

If you need any legacy information I can provide it. :)

NoldorForce said

at 11:20 am on Jan 9, 2007

I was essentially looking for a way to reduce costs on certain things, and it seemed as if using a legacy weapon or something similar (such as making the armor a relic) would help. I suspect, however, that the legacy information I'll need will be extensive. As I said, I don't own the book. However, I've just looked at Complete Arcane, and found that the Akashic's spell-like abilities MIGHT qualify me for item creation feats. I'll post the relevant text in the rulings section.

Anonymous said

at 11:40 am on Jan 9, 2007

Legacy costs are somewhat expensive ... not in gold though. It goes roughly 1500/10,000/40,000 in terms of gold, at 5th, 11th, and 17th levels, though taking the legacy champion prc cuts the gold cost out (not really recommended though, it sucks for the most part). There is also the hp/skill point/bab/saves/spell slot costs (you lose different things for different items - for example my legacy item requires me to sacrific hp, bab, and spell slots (ouch!)).

I can e-mail you any relevant info if you want it, just comment on my page. :)

NoldorForce said

at 11:47 am on Jan 9, 2007

You seem to be holding my page in an edit lock. Still working on something?

NoldorForce said

at 12:27 pm on Jan 9, 2007

I can probably do well enough by doing my own crafting, though I'll have to spend more XP. Would you know, however, what the specific requirement for Githcraft equipment is? (I recall it having something to do with the Astral Plane, but there's something else.)

Anonymous said

at 3:46 pm on Jan 9, 2007

The creator of a githcraft item must be githyanki and must make the item on the astral plane. It adds 600 gp to the price and reduces spell failure by 5%. Also if you wear gith armor or bear a gith shield you gain a +1 bonus to concentration checks.
P.S. Sorry if I had your page in edit lock - totally unintentional. Must've clicked on the edit button by accident.

NoldorForce said

at 3:55 pm on Jan 9, 2007

Presumably the former can be solved by Racial Emulation, and the latter can be solved by simply going to the Astral Plane. Looks like I'll be crafting everything myself using item creation and the occasional Fabricate scroll.

Anonymous said

at 11:21 am on Jan 18, 2007

the astral plane has been swapped with the beyond... a "deep" version of the spirit world... more like deep etheral than astral, really, in that time stil passes like normal, and has landscaes that are instable.. but the gith are there, and thought travel is still thebest way to ove about, although interaction with the terrain is viable as well.
long story short, for the sake of item construction and gith presence-- still good.

NoldorForce said

at 9:31 pm on Jan 18, 2007

I'll work on the faction stuff and skill points Friday (I think of it as tomorrow, though it's technically today). Other stuff (school) had been occupying my time this past week.

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