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A place to put up notes about what we know, what's happening, etc. We might want to break this up into chapters as we go, but for now we'll just throw things in. Make edits and add stuff as you see fit


info on upcoming battle on the Sonia:




player absentee calendars

Orvelios: ??

Zarzak: Dec 25 - Jan 5 (cruise), Jan 9 - ?? (flying to Korea)

Surreal: March 13-17



What the party knows

  • earthquakes are being caused by an elemental cult called the stonebrother's alliance. Their apparent demands are to stop using floatstone in all construction. Murgis has cofirmed they worship Ogremach.. a bad earth elemental prince.
  • there have been 4 earthquakes so far, spaced out over 8 weeks.
  • a number of guards have been killed by being pulled into the earth like quicksad and then crushed.
  • the stonebrothers have killed a team of silverflame crusaders.
  • the stonebrothers have killed a team of eldeen greenspeakers, but Jaelith is simply missing.
  • 5 robberies have occured at gem shops that are part of the stoneworker's alliance (no relation)
  • warforged have been performing the robberies by slipping through the stone grabbing the goods and slipping away again.
  • the three sisters that rule Droaam are very concerned that the stonebrothers will succeed in their terrorist plans, so they have dispatched Aurok to eliminate them.
  • whatever the sisters are concerned about is to occur at the new moon, which will be tomorrow.
  • Murgis the adjuster is confirming suspicions that the robberies are directly related to the earthquakes.
  • Murgis has mentioned a weakness... the robbers can't pass through wood or metal.. just stone.
  • the Mror hold inquisitors are tracking the robbers, but can't keep pace.
  • 4 other adventure teams have been pursuing the robberies to no effect.
  • Rumours Sul/monti gathered mention that recently, a fence down towards the lower dura/cliffside docks named, "Deagen the Limp" was looking to unload some very hot, upper-tier property It's said he's found an out of town connection.
  • a Warforged was arrested in Starilaskur yesterday for attempting to fence a single ring that was part of the theft in one of the robberies 5 weeks ago. Turns out this was HEX 32.
  • the trio of warforged the party has been pursuing are actually just mercenaries, not the Stonebrothers themselves; they pick up the loot and give it to Deagan the Limp who is their fence



At the moment

  • group has re-assembled in the hotel, Sul has revealed himself
  • Deagan has been retrieved and interrogated and left at the church...
  • the proposed trade with Shirley the Demon: Jaelith, info about Earth Prince <--> we cease our involvement with the robbery investigations, finish the last run that we interrupted
  • additional agreement between Shirley and Sul (rest of party is unaware): info to sever manifest point <--> information about Mournlands project
  • currently aboard Sonia




Pending plans (or potential leads)

  • investigate Deagan the Limp
  • try to pick up the trail of those Warforged that Sul and Aurok lost coming up to the surface
  • visit the graves of the captain
  • investigate the Cracked Mirror Inn (Ch1:post#58) - Sul noticed this place was heavily warded, which is suspicious in of itself, plus it's also located in the lower dura
  • figure out what to do with the funny dimensional box
  • find the warforged mercenaries, retrieve the goods, (maybe dispose of the mercs), return the goods to Shirley and complete the trade




"Do the ecoterrorists have contacts/supporters with the nobility in Sharn?" - NO

"Are the ecoterrorists aware of our party?" - NO

"Is the primary motive the ecoterrorists are acting on to reduce the use of floatstone?" - YES


"Will an increase in the use of floatstone cause moral decline?" - "--Human Society is built of fragile material.

"Will a decrease in the use of floatstone cause society to improve?" - --The Brotherhood benefits from the robberies.

"Are the ecoterrorists behind the robberies?" --yes

If yes, "Are the ecoterrorists using the stolen goods to fuel rituals which power the earthquakes or in some other way enable the earthquakes?" --Ogremach has enabled the criminals."


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