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Owain Build Page


Owain Corvalis

Ranger 2 / Warblade 6 / Crusader 1 / Ruby Knight Vindicator 1 // Cleric 1 / Spirit Shaman 7 / Cobra Strike Monk 1 / Generic Expert 1

Human (Extraplanar), Male

Chaotic Good

Region: Thrane / The Eldeen Reaches

Deity: The Spirits of Nature (Animist view of the spirits of the land, distant deities don't really chime with Owain)


Ability Normal Temporary
Str 14 +2  
Dex 18 +4  
Con 16 +3    
Int 14 +2    
Wis 8 -1    
Cha 16 +3    


Combat Stats



Listen +18

Spot +8

Darkvision 60 ft.

Superior low-light vision (x4 distance)

Blindsense 30 ft.

Blindsight 15 ft.


Speed: 70 ft. [30 base +10 Dark Creature +30 enhancement Haste]

Heart of Water: Swim 70 ft. (can breathe underwater) [30 base +10 Dark Creature +30 enhancement Haste]

Master Air: Fly 130 ft. (perfect) [90 base +10 Dark Creature +30 enhancement Haste]


AC: 20 [10 +4 Dex +5 Armour Chain Shirt +1 Dodge Haste]

Flat-footed AC: 20 [10 +4 Dex Uncanny Dodge +5 Armour Chain Shirt +1 Dodge Haste]

Touch AC: 15 [10 +4 Dex+1 Dodge Haste]

Flat-footed Touch AC: 15 [10 +4 Dex Uncanny Dodge+1 Dodge Haste]

vs Incorporeal Touch: 20 [10 +4 Dex +5 Armour Chain Shirt+1 Dodge Haste]

Note: the Ghost Warrior Spirit Shaman ability allows Owain to use his normal AC against the touch attacks of incorporeal creatures

    +1 Dodge vs Minotaur


    +2 Deflection vs Spirits



Fort +9  [+6 base +3 Con]

Ref +13 [+6 base +4 Dex +2 Int +1 Dodge Haste]

Will +6 [+7 base -1 Wis]

    +2 Resistance vs Spirits



HP (Current/Max): 40/136

    Lesser Iron Ward Diamond Armour Crystal: DR 3/-  (30/30 prevented so far today)

    Steely Resolve 5 (Current: 0)

    Cold Resistance 10



    Enchantment (charm) and Enchantment (compulsion) effects that grant ongoing control

    Blocks Possession


Action Points: 10 (Chapter 3: 9 remaining)




Standard Action: Ghost Touch Greataxe +14 [+10 BAB +2 Str +1 Enhancement +1 Dodge Haste] melee (d12+4/x3)

     Furious Counterstrike +1 to attack and damage

    +2 to confirm criticals

     Sneak Attack +2d6


Full Attack:

Ghost Touch Greataxe +12/+12 [Haste]/+7 [+10 BAB +2 Str +1 Enhancement -2 TWF +1 Dodge Haste] melee (d12+4/x3)

Ghost Touch Unarmed Strike +11/+6 [+10 BAB +2 Str -2 TWF +1 Dodge Haste] melee (d6+1)

     Furious Counterstrike +1 to attack and damage

    +2 to confirm criticals

     Sneak Attack +2d6


Class Features


Proficiencies: All simple and martial weapons, monk weapons, all armours and shields.


Battle ardor (critical confirmation): Add Int to rolls to confirm critical threats.

Battle clarity (reflex saves): Add Int to Reflex saves.

Blessing of the Spirits: Spend 10 minutes carrying out rite, grants Protection from Evil (except it protects against spirits) with indefinite duration (although it can be dispelled/dismissed).  Always active unless dispelled (in which case will re-activate at first opportunity).

Celerity Domain: Domain Power traded in for Travel Devotion feat as per Complete Champion.

Chastise Spirits: 6/day (6 remaining), Standard action, deal 7d6 damage to all spirits within 30 ft., DC 20 Will save for half damage (full effect vs incorporeal opponents).

Darkness Domain: Gain Blind-Fight as a bonus feat.

Detect Spirits: Detect Spirits at will spell-like ability (functions as Detect Undead but for spirits)

Favored Enemy (evil outsiders): +2 bonus to Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival and Damage against evil outsiders.

Flurry of Blows: can make an extra attack at highest BAB, -2 penalty on all attacks in that round, can only be used when unarmoured

Follow the Guide: If affected by an enchantment spell or effect and fails his saving throw may attempt a second saving throw 1 round later.

Furious Counterstrike +1: Whenever there is any damage stored in delayed damage pool gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls.

Ghost Warrior: Any weapon Owain wields acquires the Ghost Touch special ability, uses normal AC against touch attacks made by incorporeal creatures.

Improved Uncanny Dodge: Can no longer be flanked, opponents must have at least 10 levels of rogue to gain sneak attack against him by virtue of flanking.

Sneak Attack: As the rogue class ability, +2d6 precision damage against flanked or flat-footed opponents.

Spiritual Connection: 3/day use either Speak with Animals or Speak with Plants as SLA (CL 2).

Spirit Guide: Grants Alertness as a bonus feat.

Steely Resolve 5: First 5 points of damage taken in any round goes into delayed damage pool, take damage at the end of next turn.

Turn Undead: as 1st level Cleric, 6/day (3 remaining), d20+3 turning check, 2d6+4 turning damage

Uncanny Dodge: Retain Dex modifier to AC when flat-footed or when struck by an invisible attacker (still loses it if immobilized).

Warding of the Spirits: 1/day perform special rite taking 1 minute to grant Magic Circle Against Evil (except it functions against spirits), duration = 70 minutes.

Wild Empathy: Can improve an animal's attitude towards himself in the same way as with a Diplomacy check (1d20+10).  Suffers a -2 penalty to the check when not in forest terrain.




Beastly: Vulnerable to animal trance, calm animals, charm animal, dominate animal, hide from animals and hold animal.  Suffers a -2 penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks except Disguise, Handle Animal and Use Magic Device.  Anyone with the wild empathy class feature who observes Owain's mannerisms is aware of this vulnerability.

Terrain Specialist (Forests): -2 penalty on wild empathy, Search and Survival checks to track when in any environment other than forests.




Adaptive Style: Refresh/change maneuvers readied as full-round action

Alertness: +2 Listen & Spot

Blind-Fight: Re-roll miss chance

Combat Reflexes: 5 [1+Dex] AoO per round

Darkstalker: Foes with special sense must still roll to detect, can flank creatures with all-around vision

Dodge: +1 Dodge vs single opponent, free action to designate/change

Dynamic Priest: Spirit Shaman casting parameters all based on Cha

Improved Initiative: +4 Initiative

Improved Two-Weapon Fighting: Make second off-hand attack at -5 penalty

Improved Unarmed Strike: Avoid provoking AoO for unarmed strikes, deal increased damage

Ironheart Aura: While in Iron Heart stance adjacent allies get +2 Morale bonus on saves

Stormguard Warrior:

- Channel the Storm: Refrain from taking AoO - each attack refrained from grants +4 attack and damage against that opponent in next round

- Combat Rhythm: Make touch attacks in place of normal attacks, each hit grants +5 damage against that opponent in next round

- Fight the Horde: Strike two or more opponents with melee attacks or Iron Heart strikes, if fight defensively next turn gain +2 on attack rolls against previously struck foes

Track: Use Survival skill to follow tracks.

Travel Devotion: Move as swift action.




Stances Known: Absolute Steel, Hunter's Sense, Martial Spirit, Thicket of Blades

Current Stance: Martial Spirit




Maneuvers Readied: 4

- Death From Above

- Iron Heart Surge

- Moment of Perfect Mind

- Wall of Blades




Maneuvers Readied (Granted) : 5 (2)

- Defensive Rebuke

- Foehammer

- Leading the Attack

- Revitalizing Strike

- White Raven Tactics


Granted: Defensive Rebuke, Foehammer, Revitalizing Strike, White Raven Tactics




Balance +6

Concentration +11

Hide +34 (Hide in Plain Sight in shadowy areas, includes +10 circumstance from Camouflage)

Intimidate +5

Jump +21

Knowledge (nature) +9

Knowledge (religion) +10

Listen +18 (inc +4 insight from Listening Lorecall)

Move Silently +22

Spot +8

Survival +14 (+2 in aboveground natural environments, -2 when not in forests)

Tumble +16

Swim +10 (can take 10 and breathe underwater)



Common, Sylvan, Celestial


Spirit Shaman Spells


Current Spells Active:

- Heart of Water (CL 7, 7 hours)

    - Expended for: Freedom of Movement (from Heart of Earth, CL 7, 3 rounds)

- Listening Lorecall (CL 7, 70 mins)

- Camouflage [forests] (CL 7, 70 mins)

- Master Air (CL 7, 2 rounds)

- Travel Devotion (9 rounds)


Base Spells per day: 6/7/7/5/2

Spells remaining: 6/6/5/3/1


Recalled Spells


0-level (3)

- Cure Minor Wounds

- Dawn

- Know Direction


1-level (3)

- Camouflage (SC)

- Goodberry

- Pass Without Trace


2-level (2)

- Listening Lorecall (SC)

- Master Air (SC)


3-level (1)

- Heart of Water (CM)


4-level (1)

- Bite of the Wereboar (SC)




Gloves of Dexterity +2 (4,000)

Greataxe +1 (2,320)

- Lesser Revelation Crystal (1,000) - invisible creatures struck illuminated for 1 round (still have 50% miss chance), invisibility suppressed for 1 round

Mithril Chain Shirt +1 (2,250)

- Lesser Iron Ward Diamond (2,000) - DR 3/-, prevents up to 30 damage each day (tracked in hp section of sheet above)

Short Bow (75)

Lesser Rod of Extend (3,000) - 3 uses remaining

Healing Belt (750) (MIC p. 110) - 3/day (0 uses remaining)

Padded Boots (Masterwork Tool: Move Silently) (50)

Camouflage Cloak (Masterwork Tool: Hide) (50)

Wilderness Kit (Masterwork Tool: Survival) (50)

Bird Feather Token (300 - paid for out of Gwyn's funds)

Total = 15,545 gp

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