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Red Monika

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 2 months ago

After the little Battle Chasers discussion on the game board I decided to reread the issues I had. And that inspired me to create a Red Monika build. I got a lot of help on it from the boards, and you can see the build evolve here: http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?p=11860705 . This little entry is just to record the final build.


Its legal for any normal game, non-gestalt, and not overpowered. But it is fun!


CN Human (ignore alignment restrictions ... I guess not totally legal, but you can RP them away very easily. Or just be LG I guess?).


Battledancer 1/Sorcerer (or other arcane caster) 1/Human Paragon 2/Warblade 1/Human Paragon +1/Exoticist 1/Warblade +1/Akodo Champion 2/Iaijutsu Master 4/Arcane Duelist 2/Warblade +1/Jade Phoenix Mage 3



1) Iron Will

1 human) Improved Initiative

1 battledancer) Improved Unarmed Strike

3) Dodge

4 human paragon) Ki Shout

6) Two Weapon Fighting

7 exoticist) Weapon Focus (Katana)

9) Quick Draw

10 akodo champion) Leadership

12) Improved Two Weapon Fighting

14 iaijutsu master) Mobility

15) Weapon Focus (Short Sword)

18) Greater Two Weapon Fighting


If allowed take the Magic-Touched template.


For the Human Paragon take Disable Device, Iaijutsu Focus, Jump, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, Tumble, Use Magic Device, and 3 others (Gather Information, Move SIlently, and Use Psionic Device maybe ... whatever). For the +2 Ability Bonus choose Charisma. For the Adaptive Learning choose Use Magic Device


For Maneuvers:

Warblade 1: Sudden Leap, Claw at the Moon, Disarming Strike

Warblade 2: Iron Heart Surge

Warblade 3: Dancing Mongoose

JPM 1: Death Mark

JPM 3: Inferno Blade



Warblade 1: Blood in the WAter


Sorcerer Spells:

0: Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Open/Close

1: Grease, Reduce Person, Identify, Shield

2: Glitterdust, Alter Self (or Blur, or Minor Image, or Wraithstrike)


Items: Gauntlet of Heartfelt Blows and Slippers of Battledancing would be very nice. Also anything to increase sneakiness. Otherwise take the normal +AC items, +DEX, +INT, and +CHA items.




Final BAB: 16

Total AC: 10 + CHA + CHA + DEX + INT + ITEMS

Gets CHA to: AC twice, Saves, Initiative

DEX to: Hit with Katana (and the normal AC, initiative, REF saves)

INT to: AC, REF saves, confirm critical hits (and the normal skills)


Exoticist Weapons:

Katana, Pistol, Broadblade Short Sword, Shuriken


HP: 1d8 (8) + 1d4 + 2d8 + 1d12 + 1d8 + 1d10 + 1d12 + 2d10 + 4d10 + 2d8 + 1d12 + 3d6 + CON

Assuming you only get 50% of each hit die (not counting first level) you'll end up with 92 + CON HP.


Overall the character has some good out of combat utility due to lots of skill points (average of 4 + 1(human bonus) + INT) per level. Since the character relies on a high INT, it will probably be getting 6-8 skill points each level. Focus should be in Use Magic Item, Tumble, Jump, and then whatever. When I rolled the character up I ended up with at 16 INT and it made her very versatile in terms of skills. Also her spells give her some out of combat utility, as should her magic items.


In combat she relies on her maneuvers for damage and spells aid in battlefield control. Her strategy is to plink the enemy down with two weapon fighting and maneuvers. She wont' be dealing tons of damage but she'll have a very high AC. Assuming a 17 CHA, 16 DEX, and 16 INT (what I rolled), +5 tomes and +6 enhancement items, her AC is 10+26+8+8+items(8 bracers of armor + 5 ring of deflection + 5 amulet of natural armor) = 74. This doesn't include the Magic-Touched template, which increases the AC by +2 to 76 due to the +2 CHA bonus. And of course if you have a natural 18 in Charisma it increases by a further +2 to 78. Getting also natural 18's in INT and DEX increases it further to 80, but thats as high as it can possibly go. Which is pretty darn high. Don't forget about CHA to all saves and INT to reflex saves.


What all this means is that you'll basically be untouchable, so while you're whittling down the enemies life (due to maneuvers and spells you can do reasonable damage, and if you get a crit you'll most likely confirm it, but you won't be doing massive damage) the enemies won't be able to hit you, and you should be passing every save with ease. Assuming worst comes to worse and someone rolls a natural 20 against you or you roll at 1 on a save you still have lots of HP to take the blow with.


She is designed to be playable from lvl 1-20. Lvl 3 will probably give you the most problems (no bab or caster level advancement), but other than that she should be fine. She is definitely playable at lvl 4/5ish and is pretty strong at higher levels. The warblade levels throughout the build help with that. Surprisingly they need to be in the build earlyish to help with BAB for meeting prc requirements, so where they are is the most optimal placement of them (and not at the top of the build for higher level maneuvers). Huzzah. :)


Overall a fun character with lots of decent options for combat. :) Plus its Red Monika and as we all know she is a hottie (if only "somewhat" unrealistic in her proportions ... )

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