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The Story of Jade

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Jade was the sword of another warlock/druid. There had been a few throughout history, and this was one of the more famous. Though his name had been lost to the sands of time, his story lived on.


This warlock/druid made Jade in his wanderings through the wilderness. He was an elf, so he had time enough to make the delicate looking jade scimitar, and enchant it to make it strong. He made it jade to represent the greenery of nature, and wrapped the handle in black leather to represent the darkness of his warlock heritage.


His warlock heritage was not something that he could accept, though, and as a result he was constantly seeking ways to gain heavens favor. After creating Jade he performed a ritual involving crushed gems, scented oils, and natural salves, in order to purify himself and the weapon, in the hopes of pleasing the heavens.


The warlock/druid went on to become a respected and feared protector of all that was good and all that was natural. Respected for his power, feared because his methods could be cruel and sometimes unpredictable. This caught up to him after he killed a traveler who had done nothing wrong besides cutting down a few trees for lumber. While not against the druidic code, it was against the warlock/druid’s personal beliefs.


Horrified, he retreated to a cave he used as a home and hid there, not knowing what to do. Finally he made a solemn pledge to the gods and to himself – never to again knowingly perform an evil act. And he kept that pledge for the rest of his life.


In time he became more of a protector of good than of nature, and he sensed that he had begun to lose his tie to nature. He realized that to be complete and true to himself, he had to devote himself both to nature and good, not single-mindedly to just a moral ideal. He wasn’t a paladin. So he sought to renew his ties to nature.


He was a much older elf by this point, and felt that he didn’t have time to slowly regain nature’s trust. He would meditate, and try to reconnect with nature that way. So he chose a small glen that few knew of. It was a mist-shrouded bit of forest, with a little waterfall and a small babbling brook nearby. Just a little clearing surrounded by walls of trees. It was also far, far from all civilization, and was a heart of wilderness. When he was younger he had been welcomed there by nature, but now he felt nature against him. The animals there growled as he approached, and he felt fell things train hungry eyes on him. Ignoring these warnings he proceeded to the clearing, sat cross-legged in the middle, and began to meditate.


For twenty days and twenty nights he meditated, while nature showed its displeasure with him. The animals growled and pawed at him, and nature unleashed a furious storm upon him. On the 21st day the rain stopped. He opened his eyes to find himself looking into the eyes of a dire bear. The bear huffed slightly, and dropped a large fish in front of him, then padded off. An offering of food. Nature had accepted him again. From that day forth Jade always smelled of the air after a rainstorm – it always smelled of fresh, clean rain.


After that the druid went on to become respected and loved by the communities he protected, and became famous for his deeds protecting nature and good. He died of old age, at peace with himself and the world.


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