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Wildshape Notes

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

This is a page to note which wildshape forms I will most likely be in at which levels.


Note that at 16th level Jade grants Celestine +4 HD on his wildshape. The following list takes that into account. If Celestine acquires anymore such items I will adjust this list accordingly.



CR + 1 (+2 Awesome (Angels, Beholders, Monsters with PC spellcasting, Drow, etc))



Level 10: Axiomatic Werebear (Hybrid Form)

Level 11: Axiomatic Werebear (Hybrid Form)

Level 12: Axiomatic Werebear (Hybrid Form)

Level 13: Axiomatic Werebear (Hybrid Form)

Level 14: Astral Deva or Trumpet Archon or Sword Archon (BoED)

Level 15: Astral Deva or Trumpet Archon (or Efreeti)

Level 16 (Effectively 20): Planetar (or Throne Archon (BoED) for 1/day Resurrection)

Level 17 (Effectively 21): Planetar

Level 18 (Effectively 22): Planetar

Level 19 (Effectively 23): Planetar or Shuyarn

Level 20 (Effectively 24): Planetar or Titan or Shuyarn

Level 21 (Effectively 25): Planetar or Titan or Shuyarn

Level 22 (Effectively 26): Solar

Level 23+ (Effectively 27+): Solar, unless I find a better angel form.


From level 15 on Celestine will also be able to access the Efreeti form, for free wishes for himself and party members, as he can use most of the abilities of his outsider forms.


Axiomatic Werebear: STR +16, DEX +2, Natural Armor +7 ... ? Not sure how this one will work out, stat-wise.

Astral Deva: STR 22, DEX 18, CON 18, Natural Armor +15, + abilities

Planetar: STR 25, DEX 19, CON 20, Natural Armor +19, + abilities

Titan: STR 43, DEX 12, CON 39, Natural Armor +19, + abilities

Solar: STR 28, DEX 20, CON 20, Natural Armor +21, + abilities

Efreeti: STR 23, DEX 19, CON 14, Natural Armor +6, + abilities

Shuyarn: STR 25, DEX 26, CON 27, Natural Armor +10, + abilities


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Comments (8)

NoldorForce said

at 7:20 pm on Jan 11, 2007

I was looking through my copy of Legacy of the Dragons (a Malhavoc product) and came across the Shuyarn, a fairly nasty 18 HD outsider. If you'd like, I could scan it in and email you a copy of Arcana Evolved for the SLAs (or just use the suggested SRD conversions).

NoldorForce said

at 7:22 pm on Jan 11, 2007

As I recall, it has a collection of SLAs at CL 18, +7 or higher modifiers for every single ability score, DR 15/evil, and SR 38.

Anonymous said

at 4:11 pm on Jan 14, 2007

scan away! I like stuff.

and although you will have access to te efreet, and you can wish or stuf, gold limits still apply. I will happily allow you to have anything you want as per our agreements, so I recommend you utilize roleplaying ad igame cleverness to atain the items you want, insted of just "easy cheezing" it.
obviously you can wish for a ring of free wishes, but those are expendable, so will burn out yer gold supply very quickly.
you can wildshape into a celestial, or a efreet r whatever you wat multiple ties a day, but its the same shape. this means, if you have three wishes a day and you blow them, you can't simply wildshape again and get more wishes, you'll shape into the same efreet,and still have to wait until the next day. These aren't big hindrances, but they are boundaries to consider.

Anonymous said

at 5:03 pm on Jan 14, 2007

By the time you get access to the form of an Efreet, I'll probably be able to set up a foolproof manner of using Planar Binding or similar spells to gain access to another such that the party can get the full set of +5 for inherent ability score bonuses.

NoldorForce said

at 5:12 pm on Jan 14, 2007

The above comment was mine...for whatever reason, my username wasn't showing up.

Anonymous said

at 8:06 pm on Jan 14, 2007

I plan on using the wish ability in a more limited fashion ... I don't want to burn through all of my gold. I will be helpful for inherent bonuses though. Noldor, it would be nice if you could e-mail me the info about the outsider, so I can see if it fits in with Celestia.

NoldorForce said

at 8:45 am on Jan 22, 2007

The shuyarn notes have been sent, as well as a link to a PDF of Arcana Evolved. The latter will help to explain what the SLAs do, along with the runes (a very powerful feature if you use them properly). If you wish, you could pick up a pack of runic ammunition and be an improvised blastificer.

NoldorForce said

at 8:47 am on Jan 22, 2007

I hadn't posted the pages here, since they'd take up 2.5 MB, and the wiki only has 10 MB of space for files. If fil would consent to posting them on the wiki, I'd be willing to copy them here as well.

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