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Page history last edited by NoldorForce 16 years, 10 months ago


characterlvlxp thenxp nowwhat changed?xp in reserve
example104500060000dumped 15k into level of character(now 11th), 1k on dedicated wright, 245 on scrolls, 5k cast wish once in prologue555
celestine10450005500010,000 XP into character level (now 11), 3,300 XP on legacy item, 1200 XP on crafting. 6,900
Sul104500055000level up, legacy, shopping5950
Tanner104500055000level up11600
Vintereth12550006600011K into level, 3K into Fire-Souled, 840 into crafting1005



so total up how much xp you plan on using at the moment, list it under "xp now" then a brief quip on how spent, and how much you still have in reserve. You may have opportunty to spend more xp on spells, gear, rituals, LA, etc over the course of the chapter... so just keep a running total and notes.

Next chapter's end, I'll change the "xp then" total, and we'll repeat the process.


Fil here 2-25

Great work, folks! Y'all get what you deserve! be proud.

Here are the totals earned again during Prologue:

Surreal 21700

DavidWL 21600

zarzak 21400

NoldorForce 20800

Valeas 5700


I think I"m right about the minimum xp for level 10 was 45k, right?


go ahead and keep the "what changed" section above brief, and be more detailed below here.

Example Lvl 10

current: 45000

Prologue: +21800

spent: 21245

new total: 60000

still in reserve: 555

what's changed:

-dumped 15k into level up to 11th and 6k til level 12!

-cast wish costing 5k xp to keep the game from derailing immediately.

-dedicated wright's rock! xp well spent to have one made for meonce we get in sharn.

-scrolls would be listed here individually with xp cost

Celestine Lvl 10

current: 45000

Prologue: +21400

spent: 14,500

new total:55,000

still in reserve: 6,900

what's changed:

- 10,000 XP into level up to 11th

- 3,300 XP into legacy weapon (this will take care of now and all future xp costs. Its paid off forever!)

- 1,200 XP into crafting (Greater Chasuble of Fell Power and upgrade Boots of Wisdom from +2 to +4)

- Reserve money will be used towards levelup at the end of the chapter and further item crafting.

Sul Lvl 10 (I'm just going to work with running totals as I think that will be easier)


before: 45000

Prologue: +21700


total accumulated xp: 66700

xp for level 11: 55000

total xp spent: 5750.47

still in reserve: 5949.53

what's changed: dumped xp into legacy rituals (all three), acquired three wights (named Gopher, Spider, and Kirsten Dunst respectively), upgraded necklace, sword, and armor


^^Noldor - How is it that you've spent some fractional percentage of XP?

^^Surreal - I was just cutting and pasting from a spreadsheet. Round up or down, it doesn't really make a difference.

Tanner Lvl 10

current: 45,000

Prologue: +21,600

spent: 10,000

new total:55,000

still in reserve:11,600

what's changed: Level up



Valeas Lvl 10

current: 45000

Prologue: +5700


new total:

still in reserve:

what's changed:




Vintereth Lvl 12

Previous: 55000

Reserve: 6665

Chapter 1: +9680

Spent: 15340

Current: 66000

still in reserve: 1005

what's changed:

-11K xp for the level (11th->12th)

-Fire-souled template (LA +1 buyoff)

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