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My e-mail is: b r i a n @ u c h i c a g o . e d u


Note to self: Whenever Celestine has time (two months, actually) have him apply the Warbeast (MM2 pg. 217) template to Draco. Takes two months of training and a DC 20+Draco HD handle animal check. Gives +3 STR, +3 CON, +2 WIS, another HD, 10 to its movement speed, +2 to ride checks, and proficiency with light, medium and heavy armor!!! Armored Draco!

Note to self: Must decide on what maneuvers to take. Not an issue until level 19. Radiant Charge vs. Revitalizing Strike.

Note to self: Just took the time to learn the rune system of the Shuyarn ... pretty cool stuff. Now I have Planetar at 16 HD, Shuyarn at 18 HD, Solar at 22 HD (all -4 with Jade,so Planetar at 12 HD, Shuyarn at 14 HD, Solar at 18 HD).

Note to self: Buy the Phantom template (MM5 pg. 131) for Celestine, Draco, Kimoko, and Kimoko's cohort(?). Costs 3 LA, which is 9000 XP at lvl 9.


Note to Self: Switch out Draco with an Air Elemental companion at 13th level; Draco will be on the air ship.


Note to Self: Have Lynx get lots of ray and divination spells.




For epic or before consider 1 level of hierophant for the Power of Nature ability. Would be very good for the party.

DM Comment Section

fil here 1-20

posted questions to bark under the info.

Player Comment Section

The following character sheet link will contain Celstine's current and updated campaign statistics. All legacy costs will only be reflected in the following link: http://www.dndonlinegames.com/view.php?id=60185

The following character sheet link will contain Celestine's current and updated campaign wildshape statistics in his most likely wildshape form: http://www.dndonlinegames.com/view.php?id=60188

The following character sheet link will contain Bark's current and updated campaign statistics (starting at 10th lvl): http://www.dndonlinegames.com/view.php?id=60186

The following character sheet link will contain Bark's current and updated campagin wildshape statistics in his most likely wildshape form: http://www.dndonlinegames.com/view.php?id=60190

The following character sheet link will contain Kimoko's current and updated campaign statistics (starting at 8th lvl): http://www.dndonlinegames.com/view.php?id=60187

The following character sheet link will contain Lynx's current and updated "campaign" statistics (starting at 6th lvl): http://www.dndonlinegames.com/view.php?id=60188

Description: Celestine is tall and lanky human, about 6’04’’ and 140 lbs. with green eyes and blond hair. Though thin and somewhat clumsy, he has a quick mind and more endurance than one might expect of one with such a slight build. He is currently 22. His home region is Aundair.


Celestine's History - also contains table of followers and Bark's history

Celestine's Factions



- Celestine does not drink or do any sort of substance abuse

- Celestine is currently in a relationship with one of his followers

I think thats it. :)



NG (as per alignment house rule)


LevelClass 1Class 2BABFortRefWillSpecial
1Warlock 1Druid 1+0+20+2Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Eldritch Blast 1d6, invocation (least), Animal Companion, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy
2Warlock 2Druid 2+1+30+3Detect Magic, Woodland Stride
3Warlock 3Druid 3+2+3+1+3Greensinger Initiate, Damage Reduction 1/cold iron, Eldritch Blast 2d6, Trackless Step
4Warlock 4Druid 4+3+4+1+4Deceive Item, Resist Nature's Lure, +1 Charisma
5Warlock 5Druid 5+3+4+1+4Eldritch Blast 3d6, Wild Shape (1/day), Least Legacy
6Warlock 6Planar Shepherd 1+4+5+2+5Natural Spell, New Invocation (Least or Lesser), Animal Companion (Stacks w/Druid levels), Planar Attunement (Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia), Wild Shape (2/day)
7Warlock 7Planar Shepherd 2+5+5+2+5Damage Reduction 2/cold iron, Eldritch Blast 4d6, Detect Manifest Zone, Wild Shape (3/day)
8Warlock 8Planar Shepherd 3+6/+1+6+2+6Fiendish Resillience 1, Wild Shape (Large), Wild Shape (Magical Beast), +1 Wisdom
9Warlock 9Planar Shepherd 4+6/+1+6+3+6Shape Soulmeld (Strongheart Vest), Eldritch Blast 5d6, Plane Shift 1/day
10Hellfire Warlock 1Planar Shepherd 5+7/+2+7+3+7Hellfire Blast +2d6, Planar Bubble 1/day, Wild Shape (4/day)
11Legacy Champion 1Planar Shepherd 6+8/+3+7+3+7Reduce Ritual Cost (Lesser), Bond of Lore, Wild Shape (Tiny), Lesser Legacy
12Legacy Champion 2Planar Shepherd 7+9/+4+8+4+8Leadership, Replace Legacy Ability (Least), Eldritch Blast 6d6, New Invocation (Least, Lesser, or Greater), Hellfire Blast +4d6, Hellfire Infusion, Resistance to Fire 10, Intensify Manifest Zone, +1 Charisma
13Legacy Champion 3Planar Shepherd 8+9/+4+8+4+8Extra Legacy Ability Use (Least), Hellfire Blast +6d6, Hellfire Shield, Plane Shift 2/day
14Legacy Champion 4Planar Shepherd 9+10/+5+9+4+9Channel Legacy, Hellfire Blast +8d6, Wild Shape (Elemental or Outsider), Wild Shape (5/day)
15Legacy Champion 5Planar Shepherd 10+11/+6/+1+9+5+9Dragon Wild Shape, Replace Legacy Ability (Lesser), Eldritch Blast 7d6, Hellfire Blast +10d6, Planar Bubble 3/day, Planar Self
16Legacy Champion 6Druid 6+12/+7/+2+10+5+10Extra Legacy Ability Use (Lesser), Hellfire Blast +12d6, Wild Shape (Huge), +1 Wisdom
17Legacy Champion 7Druid 7+12/+7/+2+10+5+10Reduced Legacy Ritual Cost (Greater), Greater Legacy
18Legacy Champion 8Druid 8+13/+8/+3+11+6+11Maximize Spell-like Ability (Eldritch Glaive), Quicken Legacy, New Invocation (Least, Lesser, Greater, or Dark), Hellfire Blast +14d6, Venom Immunity
19Crusader 1Druid 9+14/+9/+4+11+6+11Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 5
20Crusader 2Druid 10+15/+10/+5+12+6+12Indomitable Soul, +1 Wisdom

Quick Class Ability Descriptions

In addition to the above abilities, Celestine has spirit sight.


HD: 8 + 17d8 + 2d10 + CON

Current HP: 82


Stats (@ lvl 12):

NameBaseLevel EnhancementItem EnhancementTotal


Skills: (4 + INT Modifier) X4+4 + (5 + INT Modifier)X19

Skills @ Level 12:

Concentration 1

Disguise 4

Handle Animal 8

Intimidate 6

Knowledge (Arcana) 13

Knowledge (History) 5 (cc)

Knowledge (Nature) 15

Knowledge (The Planes) 15

Knowledge (Religion) 9

Ride 7

Spellcraft 7

Use Magic Device 15


AC: 10 + (-1 dex) + 5 Wisdom + +1 Monk + +2 Deflection = 17

Touch = 17

Flatfooted = 18



Common, Druidic, Infernal, Sylvan, Celestial


Celestine's Character Abilities




Wildshape Notes







Jade: 2,315 + 1500 GP = 3815 GP

Monk's Belt = 13,000 GP

Ring of Sustenance = 2500 GP

Ring of Protection +2 = 8000 GP

Cloak of Charisma +4 = 4000 GP (+2) + 6000 GP, 480 XP (+4), + Resistance +5 to the cloak = 12500 GP, 1000 XP

Boots of Wisdom +4 = 4000 GP (+2) + 6000 GP, 480 XP (+4)

Hat of Disguise = 1800 GP

Bag of Holding (Type I) = 2,500 GP

Dedicated Wright (Octopus - nickname is 'Tentacles') = 4100 GP

Dedicated Wright (Dragonfly - nickname is 'Crystal') = 4100 GP

Greater Chasuble of Fell Power - 9000 GP, 720 XP

6685 gp remaining


Magic Item Slot Locations

Face: ---

Head: Hat of Disguise

Throat: Greater Chasuble of Fell Power

Shoulders: Cloak of Charisma +4, Resistance +5

Body: ---

Torso: ---

Hands: ---

Arms: ---

Waist: Monk's Belt

Feet: Boots of Wisdom +4

Ring1: Ring of Sustenance

Ring2: Ring of Protection +2

Other: Bag of Holding (Type I) - contains 2 Dedicated Wrights

Other: Jade (Held in Hand)


Stuff to buy for the future:

Bracers of Armor (+8)

Boots of Wisdom (+6)

Gloves of Dexterity (+6)

Ring of Protection (+5)

Robe of Eyes

Add item effects via page. 234 of the Magic Item Compendium

Raiment of the Stormwalker

Skin of the Troll

Find out how wish spell costs will work for +5 to all ability scores.

Character Highlights


Build Sources

Epic Thoughts


"--buy a template--

I've standardized this.

1LA lvl 3 3000xp

1LA lvl 6 6000xp

1LA lvl 9 9000xp

1LA lvl 12 12000xp

1LA lvl 15 15000xp

1LA lvl 18 18000xp

ad infinium.

these can be retro purchased in bulk, and reengineer the characer build to replace the levels"

Fun Corner

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